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Elements Of A Perfect Website

A perfect website can be described as one that viewers come back to visit over and over again. I say this because the main objective of any website is to be viewed as much as possible. Internet users have become more particular and demanding with regards to what they expect from a good website. In order to have a perfect website, you will need to set yourself apart by perfecting all the elements of your website.

Here is a list of the elements that make up a perfect website:

Good visual design

Your website has to be appealing to the eye. It would be a good idea to follow current trends or even to have something that is unique. Hardly anyone would want to stay, let alone return to a website that looks neglected and looks like very little effort was used in designing it.  It does not have to be complicated. A simple and clean design that is not over crowded will do.  It must also be eye-catching, this will make visitors stick around longer and possibly return in the future.

Friendly User Interface

Think about your users when designing your website. Ask yourself questions such as, who are my potential customers? How computer literate are they? This will help you design a website that is suitable for your visitors. It has to be easy to use and simple to navigate through. There should be consistency throughout the entire site.

Meaningful content

The content on your website should be helpful and meaningful. Visitors want to know how you can help them as well as what you have to offer. Keep in mind that overselling can cause visitors not to come back, particularly on blogs. A good website contains knowledgeable information about your products and services.


In the mobile device era that we are living in, it is essential that all websites are mobile device friendly. Users have become so heavily reliant on mobile we browsing that they hardly use their PC’s to browse anymore. People are now able to browse on-the-go and a perfect website is one that they can easily access on their mobile devices and still get a good experience.

Clear contact information

Serious prospective clients must be able to contact you If they have further questions and enquiries about your products and services. If your contact information is not clear it reduces you credibility and can even cost you a number of clients and prospective customers. Ideally, it would be wise to include more than one method of contact. You can include an email address, telephone number or mailing address. This also helps to make you look more real as well as stable.

Detailed about page

This is one of the most visited pages on any website because people what to know more about you. A detailed “About” page makes sure that all questions that a visitor may have about your business are answered. Including some background information and history behind the website is a great place to start when writing the contents of your about page.


Tatenda writes for the web design and development company, Karma Digital Media.

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