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Edison Bulbs

Edison Bulbs are replicas from Edison’s time, specially created and designed for your modern needs. They bring a certain light to the room, one that is incomparable with modern lighting devices. Not only that, but everything will look a lot cooler, granted that you also design the rest of your home with something that fits with the light bulb.

These light bulbs look amazing and you can pretty much fit them anywhere. All you need is a little bit of imagination and you can turn your home into a fantastic setting, well suited for family and guests alike. The bulbs provide the environment with a special kind of light which looks amazing and feels very warm, while still being powerful enough so that you can go about your business at night as well.


The lights are diverse, in the sense that you can get just about anything on this website, suited for just about any environment. You can have them installed in your kitchen, above the counter, or in the bathroom. In both cases, you’ll find specific lights for the room you’re installing them in, allowing you to put them all over the place, regardless of the room.

When it comes to the website – it looks fantastic. The design is modern, minimalist and intuitive. Users will be able to browse through the products with increased ease, allowing purchases to be made in an orderly, simple fashion. You’ll also get a chance to check out other types of light bulbs, aside from the Edison light bulbs. Each and every product is described accurately, with little left to the imagination but their placing. And this is a great thing, as you’ll know what you’re getting before deciding what to buy exactly. This way, you’ll never go wrong with your purchase.

The original Edison light bulb burned only for 13 hours tops. These bulbs function on the same principle for the most part, but they last a lot longer. And it’s a great thing to have around, given that their direct ancestor has been created almost 140 years ago. The modern version has a better luminosity output and a great deal more power, but the kind of light is the same. Meaning that it’s a warm, yellowish light suited for all indoor, at-night activities in your home.

If you want some outdoor lighting options, then you’re in luck. Both the Edison bulbs and the regular light bulbs are available for outdoors as well. Now you can make your terrace shine with warm light, allowing your neighbors to envy your style and taste.


Not only that, but you’ll be able to organize astonishing parties in your backyard. How? Simply install these kinds of light bulbs outside and you’ll create an ambient atmosphere which will leave your guests staggered. They work great for a chill-out session, or a simple, relaxing and romantic night in the garden. Their yellow light will keep the bugs around them and far away from you, allowing you to enjoy a setting free from those little buggers.

Back to the story of Edison’s light bulb – many don’t know the fact that he wasn’t the first one to come up with the domestic use light bulb. It was actually in 1806 that Humphrey Davey presented a viable electric lamp to the Royal Society. Later on, Edison worked with that model and others already available and came close to the light bulb we know today. Joseph Swan came up with a usable domestic version and in the end, started working with Edison to create a viable lighting alternative available for all the world.

And from that rudimentary light bulb, we now have electric light in our homes – a piece of technology we usually take for granted most of the time, but a bit that changed our life. Without it, we’d be studying, reading and enjoying our evenings by candlelight – which, believe it or not, can cost a lot more than the regular light bulb we have connected in our homes.

So if you’re interested in Edison’s light bulbs, why not get one for your home? It’ll look great, make your friends envy your wittiness, give off a great light and completely change the way you look at the world around you – literally! Moreover, on this website, you’ll get them at a fair price, given the special attention that has been given to them. You’ll get all the product details on the page so that you know what to get and why. There are several versions available, and depending on your preferences, you can get either of them. Or get all of them and make your room truly special!

All in all, a great website offering a great product for the general market. Definitely worth a visit and a buy. Visit them today to get your favorite Edison’s light bulbs at very cheap prices.

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