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e’criture is a website which is your personal online English tutor. It offers small group classes of five students for those who are studying in Year 8 and Year 10. The website acts as an English tutor for HSC and IB students and can provide a physical classroom experience in Sydney.

The website is founded by Dr. Niven Kumar who has a PhD on English literature at Macquarie University and has been teaching literature for more than twenty years. He has also written academic articles on world literature and theory and has penned a collection of short pieces of fiction for literary journals. Dr. Lucyna Swiatek, who also has a doctoral thesis in English Literature, also teaches at e’criture.

Both her and Dr. Kumar have taught hundreds of secondary students for several years and have combined their expertise to teach students online at e’criture. Since HSC and IB both have English requirements in their syllabus, e’criture focuses on preparing students to advance to senior English studies.

The course will focus on creative writing, essay writing and also interpretation and analysis of text with the effective strategies to use them in. The website also has plenty of e-learning resources which includes free podcasts from experts who help the user with various topics on doing well in English, such as creative writing, identifying contextual issues and key themes.

They even do reviews on famous stories and plays to offer a critical analysis of the work. They are also great for sample essay questions for HSC and have notes on literary works such as The Great Gatsby or Othello.

E’criture is meant to be a website for students to get a more personal session with their English tutor by studying in
small group sessions. It is provides great resources for students who are going to give their lB or HSC soon.

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