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Does Technology Enhance Or Hinder Our Children’s Growth?

If you asked one hundred people whether technology has impacted on their life in a negative or positive way you are likely to get a response very close to 100% for the latter. Technology is continually being developed to enhance our lives and make things easier and as a result of that our way of life is totally different to what it was like for our parents when they were children. So what of the young generation today? Is the abundance of technology available to them at every turn making them better people or is it in fact inhibiting the way they are developing into adults?

Technology may be interesting and helpful for most of us but do we really want our children to grow up in a digital world and not know what it is like in the real one?  Let’s take a look at how technology effects the young generation.

Social –

In the age of social media and smartphones it is near enough impossible for anyone to ever truly be alone. You can now speak to someone on the other side of the world seamlessly without even leaving your home and that has led to more and more children limiting their social activity to that which takes place behind a computer screen.

Parents used to have to scream at their kids to get them to come indoors from playing out with their friends but now they spend more time encouraging them to leave their bedrooms and play in the real world. Socialising and interacting with other humans is a vital part of social development and so missing out on this could impact greatly on their ability to communicate in the future.

Education –

There is no doubt that technology has improved our access to information but are we really taking full advantage of this? The internet has made all the information known to man available at the click of a mouse and tablets and smartphones have made this information portable; yet the statistics show that general knowledge in younger generations is actually decreasing.

It seems that the ability to find something out by simply ‘googling’ it has led to us not having a need to retain the information we learn. This coupled with the fact that youngsters are far more intent to use the internet and other educative technologies more for gaming purposes means that we live in a strange paradox where almost everything is common knowledge yet we know hardly any of it.

Concerns –

Up until a few years ago the list of concerns for most youngsters probably included childrens entertainer bournemouth or nothing more than the odd bit of boyfriend/girlfriend trouble or worries concerning an upcoming exam, but for the 21st century teenager there are more lingering concerns. A new type of bullying has surfaced which seems a lot harder to shake than the physical bullying that sometimes rears its ugly head in the school playground. Cyber bullying has already caused numerous casualties and the fact that people seem to think they can say anything via a faceless piece of technology has led to it getting somewhat out of hand.

Another technology concern, mainly for parents more than the youngsters involved, is that they are being over stimulated by the devices they use on a daily basis. Research has shown that too much exposure to technology such as smartphones and gaming consoles drastically reduces the amount and quality of sleep that person gets every night, which is a serious health concern for someone going through the vital stages of education.

The fact is that in most areas of our lives technology has made things a lot simpler and therefore better but this isn’t true across the board. It’s the younger generation that seem to crave the newest technology due to the fact that they fit into the target audience for most companies’ technology PR and marketing, but it is them who are affected by it most.

It is not fair to say that technology should be absent from our children’s lives as it has many benefits to their growth but as a parent it is more important than ever to strike a healthy balance between the virtual world and the real one. These early years are vital for our younger generation’s development and unless compromises are made we could see unwanted consequences from the digital age.

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