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Does Blog Advertising Work?

No. Blog advertising doesn’t work. There are going to be many of you who completely disagree with me. You will attempt to tell me that all of your blog advertising methods have brought you an insane amount of traffic and that obviously blog advertising works. This ideas completely wrong on two different fronts, and these will be discussed at length in this article.

Before getting started on the two fronts, there has to be a solid definition of the word “works”. The purpose of advertising is not to gain traffic, it’s to convert sales. Think of it this way: if a grocery store does a lot of advertising, but rather than purchasing groceries people just walk into the store, view the goods and walk out, then the advertising didn’t work. The same principle applies to blogs. If people are viewing your blog, reading the contents and not clicking ads, affiliate links or other monetization sources, then the blog advertising failed.

Now, the first front to be discussed is the quality of the traffic that blog advertising provides. Put simply, unless by “blog advertising” you mean search engine optimization or SEO, then you are not gaining targeted traffic. Or, at least you’re not gaining the easiest to access targeted traffic that comes from organic search engine results. What blog advertising gets for your page is social traffic. Social traffic does not convert into sales nearly as often as targeted traffic does. Here is an analogy: how many times have you viewed a profile on Facebook in order to click an advertisement? You weren’t there for monetization, you were there for the person who made the page. The same applies to blog that get social traffic.

The second front deals with the damage caused by social traffic compared to targeted traffic. Did you know that you can actually do more harm than good by using blog advertising rather than search engine optimization? This is due to the fact that social traffic rarely converts to sales. Yet you continue to pay the bandwidth costs on your web hosts for traffic that doesn’t provide revenue. As you can see, using blog advertising and other methods to gain a lot of social traffic will not only result in very poor sales, but it will also result in unnaturally high costs.

So there you have it, blog advertising does not work. While many of you may have gained thousands of new readers and feed subscribers, very few of you who use blog advertising will be seeing a spike in your revenue. In fact, some of you may be seeing costs rising faster than your revenue. If you actually want to increase their revenue potential of your blog, invest a few hours of your time into learning search engine optimization.

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