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Do Dogs Really Need A Vacation?

The reason why dog owners who are so attached to their pets do not go on vacation is they fear to leave their pet behind. Dogs need to be fed and tended to and the bigger they get, the harder it is to leave them at somebody’s care. A kennel will be the last resort; a decision a dog lover like you does not want to make.

But why not bring your dogs with you? Why not give your dogs a vacation of their lifetime? Don’t they need to have a vacation too?
So you think your dog needs that getaway but what if travel will stress your dog out? What if a vacation with so many strangers around will do some damage on your pet? These are the things that you can ponder. If these thoughts make you anxious, then you should know these interesting facts.

Can traveling stress your dog out? The answer is yes. This is the reason why it is better to leave your dogs behind than bring them with you if you have to travel from one place to another. This is most especially to pets that are not used of going anywhere. Dogs are territorial so traveling will not be the best course of action to make with your pets.

Good news is that dogs can adapt to their environment quite easily. If you reassure them and make them get use with riding the car then mobility will not be a problem. If you travel just around the state on your own car, then bringing them alone shouldn’t be as hard.
But what about traveling on plane? This could present a feat of problems as pets cannot travel with you. They have to be caged in a long period and may be quarantined when they reach your destination. So making them get use with the environment might not be a good thing. And it would be impossible to bring your dogs on a cruise too.

So what can you do? There are options to go about this. First one is to get a dog sitter. If you have a small dog, this is not so a big deal. But if you have a very big dog, a sitter might not be so enthusiastic and might be too afraid to feed your dog. Another option is to put your dog in a dog kennel in Elk River. Kennels will cage your dog with time out for play and walking. But your dog might feel bad and get traumatize about this.

If you are being faced in a dilemma of not able to bring your dog with you, cannot find the dog sitter capable of caring for your dog and you find kennels to be like a life sentence for your beloved pet, then you need to let your dog go to a vacation too.
There are lots of pet friendly resorts. In fact, there are lots of pet hotels and pet homes you can leave your pet dogs in while you travel. So there is not real worries in leaving your pet unattended or neglected behind. And as you can see, kennel is not the only last resort to do if you find no volunteers to take care of your dog.
These hotels or pet homes are dogs paradise. They have all the facilities you need for your pet like trained attendants or dog groomer to attend to your dogs every single whim. Your dogs will also have a very comfortable room or home environment they can get use to while you are gone.

You can look for a pet hotel or dog boarding in Elk River MN in your area and visit there with your pets. The trick you need to do to make your pets enjoy their own vacation too is to check in the pet hotel with them. Stay a few nights with your dogs and make them get use with the environment and their groomer. Afterwards, you can go to your vacation knowing that your pets are having a grand time as well.
So, do dogs really need a vacation? Yes, if you are on vacation and it is impossible for you to bring them. Don’t you think they deserve to have their fun, too?

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