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Did You Know Building An Affordable Online Business Doesn’t Have To Break The Piggy Bank

When I started my network marketing business almost twelve months ago, I didn’t know anything about marketing or promotion. As the song goes: “what a long strange trip it’s been”.


Even though the learning curve has been a steep one I am still in the game because of discovering a simple technique called attraction marketing.


Before learning attraction marketing techniques I made all the classic mistakes newbie network marketers make, like handing out business cards & flyers, chasing family & friends, cold calling genealogy lists, buying expensive low quality dead end leads and basically dialing for dollars.


The problem was not my work ethic, but rather my lack of understanding when it came to attracting the right kind of prospect. I was advertising to everybody and anyone, thinking that the more people I could reach the better my results. Sure, it generated a lot of leads and some people quickly signed up, but they only lasted a couple of months and then they were gone.


Fortunately, I recognized that I had to change my marketing plan or I was going to keep losing money, because the message I was conveying was that what I do is so easy that anybody can do it. Big mistake, I found out the hard way that this kind of advertising only attracts lazy people or opportunity seekers that were looking for a get rich quick scheme.


I see these kinds of ads a lot, and I know from personal experience that these types of prospects end up wasting your time, energy and money.


This is not the way to build an affordable online business. At some point I realized that this approach was going nowhere really fast. Fortunately I discovered a strategy called attraction marketing.


Since using attraction-marketing principals I no longer use any of those old school marketing methods because they simply do not allow me to use technology to leverage my time and maximize my efforts.


I now generate my own unlimited, highly targeted, qualified free network marketing leads and attract endless prospects, customers and distributors to my business. I no longer chase prospects pitching my opportunity instead they chase me to join my business because it’s their idea.


If you use attraction marketing correctly it can deliver massive results. The most important thing to remember here is that it is not about the quantity of people or customers you attract, it is the quality of the prospects that counts and that is what determines how successful your business will be.


Try using attraction marketing in your next advertising campaign and discover for yourself how powerful this strategy is. The long-term results will amaze you.


For anyone who struggles with lead generation or the home-based business industry in general, using attraction-marketing methods is the perfect solution, and for me it’s been a blessing in disguise.

Brian Wright is a professional network marketer, business owner and network marketing online business coach. To take a closer look at how attraction marketing can help you to build your network marketing business then go to my website now and get access to the “FREE” video training tutorials at:

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