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Development of Rotterdam’s entertainment area

The first entertainment area in Rotterdam which were built were the old Uitgaan, with underlying the discovliet and the leuvegoi.
The old Uitgaan is the oldest area of Rotterdam. The discovliet is an inland project from 1592.

The leuvegoi is the oldest cafe in Rotterdam’s entertainment area. Formerly the leuvegoi was a creek without any meaning. In 1594 the States of Holland and West-Zuid Holland gave permission to increase the leuvegoi up to the mesh. In the course of the 18th century there came more infrastructure and entertainment.

This infrastructure was constructed of Voorne, but had to be magnified by the main Uitgaan Rotterdam infrastructure, soon and fudging because the interest of people were increasing. Rotterdam got so a direct connection to Voorne. Due to the ever growing interest in entertainment, the goverment had to constructed larger districts for going out.

An overview of the main events:

From 1945 they begun with the construction of the first cinema.
In 1954 the 10000 th visitor was welcomed in Rotterdam’s cinema area.

In 1967, the brand new largest disco of The Netherlands opened.
This disco grew into the largest disco of Europe.

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