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Comunitee Social News App: Reading News Is Better with Friends

Are you still reading news by yourself? It may be informative, but it’s just not as much fun – especially when you can be reading news with your friends.

In fact, data from the Pew Research Center says about 72% of people get their news from friends and family.  And social networking plays a big part in this new-gathering process. When people receive news links from friends, 77% of them click on the link to read the full news article.

The Comunitee Social News app allows you to read the latest news stories with your friends, especially when you’re on the go. So, you’ll have access to stories from every major news source, including all of the major news publications as well as newspapers, blogs, magazines and social networks. Comunitee generates a customized newsfeed – just for you – based on your interests in 11 different categories: U.S., world, business, sports, entertainment, tech, politics, sports, health, lifestyle and women.

“Comunitee doesn’t require you to subscribe to hundreds of different feeds or follow hundreds of topics,” says Don Daszkowski, CEO and Founder of Comunitee, Inc. “We do the work for you! The more you use the Comunitee Social News App, the more it learns the news you like.”

Plus, the Comunitee app automatically shares the news with your friends and followers. If you have family and friends who share similar interests with you, you can create different news “comunitees” or groups of people with whom you can share those particular interests. For example, if you have friends who follow a particular sports team, you can create a news comunitee that provides your group with stories about that team. Whatever your interests are, you can create a comunitee of friends to share those news interests with.

“With Comunitee, you don’t have to click any social media buttons to share any articles with your friends. The Comunitee app instantly does it for you,” adds Daszkowski. “And the more people with similar interests that you add to your ‘comunitee,’ the more relevant your news discovery will be.”

The Comunitee Social News App is the next network effect, since it provides you with real value. The app generates your top stories based on your identified interests. You no longer have to search and search for the articles you want to read. Plus, the app enables you to share and talk about the latest news with your friends quickly. So, the more you use, the more you can’t live without it.

If you want to start reading the news with your friends today, install the Comunitee Social News App on your Apple device. It’s free and available at the Apple App Store. For more information about Comunitee, visit

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