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Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Fitness Program Review

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Fitness Program Review


Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is a workshop initiated by two expert physiologists, Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset. Both of them have experience in working with professional sportspersons and athletes. Tony’s expertise includes common shoulder disorders, whereas Dean is skilled to tackle with post- surgical or cardiac recovery.

Both of them think that their workshop will educate the viewers about the techniques that can give strength and flexibility to the upper and lower body, through a complete program.

The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is a guide which provides the assessment and effectiveness of different techniques used at the workshop.

Shoulder Training

For instance, the impact of breathing on the body is a main ingredient of the shoulder exercises. The assessment is very important according to them, so as to know the effects of breathing exercises on the lower and upper body, and how they can enhance the flexibility and strength of both. The difference between internal and external impingement and their value in training is also taught. The difference between training a sportsman and an ordinary person in terms of techniques and abilities, and coaching training with pushups, chin ups and other corrective exercises.

Usefulness For Trainers

The objective of these assessments and experiments is to provide help to the clients in a more effective manner for their shoulder problems. Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint taught people the ideas and techniques because they are time saving and help in getting faster results for their clients. With these exercises, the limitations and movements of the shoulder can be observed in a clear way.

Hip Training

Every individual has specific places of strain and difficulty. Complete Shoulder & Blueprint workshop emphasized on finding the particular anatomical individual differences and utilizing them. Look for analysis and assessments and telling the clients where they can improve. It will help them to understand the different movements. As for balance exercises use of imbalanced techniques such as squats and deadlifts can be useful. Training to increase mobility and strength is also a prominent feature of the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint.

Usefulness For Trainers

They can see instant improvements in their clients by using these techniques. These little techniques can increase their credibility in the eyes of the clients. They will be able to know what works best for the client and it will save them both time and useless effort in wrong areas.

Video Demonstration

These techniques are demonstrated to provide precision and correction in the shoulder and hip exercise to enhance the body’s strength, durability and flexibility. There are five videos on shoulder and hip training each. Another video is of Q and A’s which will also help the viewers with their doubts and queries.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is available on a special holiday price of 167USD, normal price is 197USD.

The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is approved for NSCA CEUs. Attendees shared their experience of the workshop and praised Tony and Dean’s efforts and techniques.

The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint program with all the education and details in it can help the trainers build an effective strategy to see faster results in their client. And the price is not a big one when it comes to the benefits.


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