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Clocking in and out of the factory…

Clocking in and out of the factory or office has always been a contentious issue between employees and employers. Employees want an easy way to keep track of their hours that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. Employers want to make sure that they’re getting accurate information that can’t be manipulated.

A vast majority of employees are trustworthy and would never lie about their amount of hours worked, but a few cases of fraud can ruin the reputation of many. In the past, finding a way to make sure that the person clocking in and out was actually the person working required rather intrusive measures like security cameras or bosses watching over your shoulder.

With modern biometric technology, those days are gone. Labor is one of the highest expenses of most businesses. Employee fraud can cost a lot of money it it’s not properly prevented. biometric time clocks provide a technological way to ensure proper time management that is virtually fraud proof. When your business no longer has to worry about employees getting properly compensated, you can focus on more important things like efficiency upgrades, marketing and sales.

The American economy is finally starting to come back from a devastating recession. As more and more employees reenter the workforce, they may notice significant changes in the way employers calculate hours worked. For salaried workers, nothing much will change, but hourly employees will have incentive to do better work knowing that flubbing work hours is no longer an option.

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