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Choosing the Right Advertising Media for Your Business

span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: “Verdana”,”sans-serif”;”>Advertising is one of the pillars on which your business is built. In order for your company to survive it is important that others know about you and advertising is the major way you can reach out to potential customers. And this customer base will expand only if your advertisement hits the right target. Hence it is very important to choose the right means through which you advertise and more so because this will produce a cost effective campaign that will save you unnecessary expenses

So how do you choose your advertising media?

Here are a few salient points that need to be considered while making the choice.

Think of the primary features of your product on which you want to focus.

2) What exactly are you aiming for? Do you simply want to sell a product or build a company as well?

3) What exactly is your budget regarding the advertising campaign?

4) Who are your target customers? Look into their income and profiles. 

5) Decide how movable your products are.

6) Think of the correct time to air your ad. People usually have varying moods with changing time. Hence it is important to decide upon the time in order to create the desired psychological impact.

Advertisement types generally differ with relevance to consumer profile and group identification, brand recognition and the particularity of product manufactured, etc.

Advertisements based on category specifications

These advertisement statements are applicable to all kinds of products, where the only thing necessary to be done is to replace a given name at the product template with that of the particular product. For products belonging to identical categories, these kind of advertisements that can be used for a multitude of products are used.

Franchise Advertisements

These type of advertisements facilitate the gradual formation and consolidation of a

particular brand image. It builds up the tenet of brand recognition and familiarity in public, and due to it’s exclusivity, costs more than a generic ad.

Store Specific Advertisements

Advertisements that are specific to a particular store are highly regional and localized in their publicity and general awareness, because the characteristics that might prove to be the USP of a particular store in one region might not be as beneficial to any other store in a different region.

Product Specific Advertisement

These kinds of advertisements deal with the products that are offered for the market, and do not create recognition or awareness about the brand, manufacturing or retailing company, or any subject related to these units. They work best for small business concerns and franchise retailing. Having said that, the franchise business should take heed that the advertisements should ideally not only bring into attention the manufacturer’s business, but also the products retailed on the behalf of the manufacturers.

What Your Advertising Firm Never Told You:  
It is foolish to think that a very expensive advertisement will reap great benefits. What modern economists have to say is surprising. Recently the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania published their findings.

They said,

How effective your advertisement will be is independent of the money you spend on them.
It is the subject and content that creates efficacy and not the cost.
The efficacy of an advertisement increases with repetition.

Best Advertising Media:  
Here is a list of the most popular advertising media.

1) Billboards 

2) Television 

3) Radio 

4) Newspapers 

5) Mail directed at target customers

So keep these few stated points in mind when you choose the medium for your advertisements. Always remember that good advertisements depend on content and not on costs and that an ad can only be effective if it is created keeping the profile of the customer in mind. Cost effective advertisements will in the long run help you generate more revenues. If you have trouble choosing the right media, you could hire a business advisor who will give your professional counseling that will enable you to make better choice.

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