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In a data center a number of servers and connected machines are linked to one another with the help of a network. This network is an indispensable component of any data center and any problem in the network can hamper the function of your data center very badly. The productivity and performance of your data center depends on the quality and pattern of networking.

Check The Existing Network Facilities At The New Location Of Your Data Center Before Moving

A data center is a network of servers and computers which are interconnected with the help of a network. This network is an inevitable component of any data center and any fault in the network system can stall the function of your entire data center. The performance and output of a data center depends largely on the quality of network components viz. cabling and the pattern of networking.

Therefore, there is a need to check the existing networking facilities at a new location before deciding the shift your data center there. The network should be strong enough to support all your computers. Overabundance of data can clog up networks and as such, you need to run several tests like load tests and check latency issues before deciding on your move.

In the present scenario, most businesses communicate with their customers mostly through online activities. This further accentuates the need of having proper networks. Usually, a new network frame is created just before installing a data center and connects it to the existing network. This can be a stupendous effort if your networking needs are too huge.

Purchase and installation of different components of network is a cumbersome process. Therefore as soon as you finalize your new location you need to start working on it. The moving company needs to work in tandem with the vendors to overcome this problem. Simply put, before you start dismantling and packing your old data center your network at the new place should be ready for operation.

Making your network circuit alive, also know as circuit-turn up is a time taking process. In certain cases it takes as long as ninety days or even more for Telco turn up for circuit. This means that your networking efforts at the new location should start at least three months before you actually initiate the moving process. The likely defects arising during installation of networks are erratic configuration of CSU/DSU, the router not being LMI enabled, defective CSU/DSU, defective installation of the link between the existing system and the local Telco switch etc. These can stall your move to the new location. Therefore the efforts for integrating the existing network with the external communication channels should start as soon as you finalize the new place for your data center.

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