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In case you are searching a new site for relocating your data center you need to consider several aspects before giving a go ahead for the new site. Firstly your approach towards selecting the new site should be futuristic. Relocation of most of the data centers occurred as their earlier location was not sufficient to meet the increasing demand of space and power etc. From power systems to power back ups to space and storage facilities, all become insufficient once the data center starts growing.

Check The Availability Of Power At The New Location Before Deciding Your Move

There are several aspects to be considered before finalizing the site for relocating your data center. In case you are already looking for it the first and foremost is that your approach should be futuristic. Most of the data centers have to be relocated as the existing infrastructure cannot meet the increasing demands. Once the data center starts growing, the power systems, power back ups, space, storage facilities etc. all can become insufficient.

Therefore your new site should be capable of managing your data center for at least next ten years in terms of space, storage and power. This is because moving a data center is not affordable every now and then both from financial and practical point of view. As far as possible the new complex should be a standalone structure with enough provisions for power back ups, fire fighting systems and security equipments.

To work round the clock, Data centers require uninterrupted electricity and any breakdown or fluctuation of power may lead to loss of precious data and closing of your business and services for longer durations. Experts therefore advice that you need to identify a location which has uninterrupted and constant power supply without any fluctuation.

You need to work out the requirement of power for different cooling systems, UPS and computer equipments and take steps for striking balance between demand and supply of power to ensure longevity and productivity. It is a fact that IT equipments consume more power as compared to household equipments. Therefore to improve power efficiency of your data center you need to explore whether you can cut down unnecessary power usage and save power.

Servers generate continuous heat which makes it necessary to make provisions for cooling the atmosphere to ensure their permanence and output. This requires further power. If the supply of cool air is inadequate then the system breathes in the hot and used air inside the data center which leads to continuous burn ups. To avoid this you need to be certain about sufficient availability of power while selecting a new for relocating your data center. Remember, any shortage of electricity would cut short your future expansion plans.

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