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Cheap Return Flight To Amsterdam

Where can one find a cheap return amsterdam flights? This is the question begging of many travellers and tourists alike, especially those seeking a cheap flight from London to Amsterdam or other similarly popular UK destinations.

The air industry in Amsterdam is highly developed. The primary airport in Amsterdam is Schipol which is a mere half hour train ride away. It can be considered to be a major European hub, hence due to high levels of competition, there are many options for a cheap return flights to Amsterdam.

Your best bet for finding a cheap return flight to Amsterdam is to contact the airline websites direct. Primarily, Easyjet and KLM are the main operators.

KLM fly mainly from London, including London City airport and hence can be considered a good source for a cheap Amsterdam flights. Traditionally, they have not competed with the budget carriers but in recent years, because the flight is so short (can be as short as 45 minutes), passengers are not demanding frills such as expensive meals and are barely long enough at cruising altitude to care about the service. Hence, they have revered to a demand driven model which can see some cheap flights, especially off- peak.

Easyjet are the main carrier and fly from 3 airports in London (Gatwick, Stansted and Luton) as well as other regional hubs such as Liverpool, and can be considered the best source of a cheap return flight to Amsterdam. They operate using a purely demand driven model — book in advance several months beforehand and you can have flights for as little as £3 for a single excluding taxes. Effectively, this is the cheapest flight to Amsterdam that you are going to find anywhere in the world.

There are also other smaller operators operating out of smaller regional hubs such as Jet2.

Finding a cheap return flight to Amsterdam is an easy process but one that should not be neglected — it is a simple no brainer to reduce an essential expense where the service offered by all operators is practically the same.

The other major, and in fact larger, expense is your hotel bill and hotels in Amsterdam can hit your wallet if you do not know what you are doing.

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