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Charlotte Web Design – Keyword Placement

Keyword placement is very vital during a business’ Search Engine Optimization endeavors. Where you decide to place selected keywords and phrases is going to depend on the market in which you are targeting and the search engine that will be ranking your pages.

Trying to come up with the perfect combination of keywords and phrases to drive in traffic to your site is one of the biggest challenges of SEO. It is not something that you just jump into one day and then expect to be successful. It’s better to start off slow and build your way to greater success.

CODANK Keyword Tips:

Create a keyword list Combine and analyze the results Pick your keywords and use them on your web site Consult with a Search Engine Optimization specialist Ask about keyword placement services

You should not use keywords repetitively for no apparent reason at all. For example, if you choose “Charlotte Web Design” for your phrase, do not do the following on your page:

Charlotte Web Design, Charlotte Web Design, Charlotte Web Design….and so on.

This is considered spam and can cost your page to be penalized and even banned from major search engines. There are also many tags within the HTML of your webpage that keywords can technically be used in. But, be careful because some search engines will penalize for keywords in certain tags as well.

As a general rule, keywords are typically placed within some or all of the following:

Title Tags Description Tags Keyword Tags Heading Tags Link Text Alt Text Site Maps 404 Pages Domain Names Page Names

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