Tuesday , 14 May 2019
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Changing your CMS software?

Just in case you are thinking of changing your CMS software, cms2cms.com is the best website for you. They have made CMS migration very easy.

All the hassles of migration including code writing have been taken care of. All you have to do is choose the source and target CMS, download and install Connection Bridge, and finally run migration! Just a few clicks and you are done. CMS migration with cms2cms.com is that simple.

Whether your CMS is Drupal or Joomla, migration to the latest WordPress is supported by cms2cms.com. Now this is very good news for you. P

erhaps you might ask, “How much will this cost?” It is absolutely free! The types of data that you can migrate are: textual content, categories and users (passwords are not migrated though). You will save both time and money. Quality support is also assured.

During migration, no changes are made to your website information. This is a quick process. The sign up procedure is not tedious. The migration of website content has never been easier. Thanks to cms2cms.com.

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