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Century Supplements Carries New Advanced ECA Stacks

Century Supplements is thrilled to have Nutraslim for Her ECA Stack with Ephedra back in stock.  This amazingly popular formula is specifically designed to meet the weight loss needs of women without the side-effects so common in some of the formulas geared towards men.  Century Supplements is among only a few carriers that currently offer this product.

Nutraslim for Her not only meets the special needs of women when it comes to fat burning, but as an ECA Stack it will also provide added energy and stamina.  The energy boosting qualities of Nutraslim for Her can help get you through tough workouts without the usual jitters or the crash and burn that comes with some other formulas.

Nutraslim for Her works to curb the appetite and reduce cravings as well.  This in turn makes it much easier to stick with a calorie restricted diet.

As with any dieting and weight loss aid, Nutraslim for Her works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.  As an ECA Stack formula, Nutraslim contains ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin.

Ephedrine is a natural derivative from the plant Ephedra Sinica.  Ephedra has seen centuries of prescribed use, particularly within Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In Chinese medicine, ephedrine is known under the name Ma Huang.

This potent herbal supplement has a history of use for the treatment of a variety of ailments.  It has been used predominantly in TCM to treat bronchitis, lung infections and other respiratory problems as it is a very powerful vasodilator.

Nowadays, ephedrine is of course most frequently used to speed weight loss.  Clinical research trials have shown that ephedra is a useful weight loss supplement and that it can dramatically increase fat burning results over simple diet and exercise alone.

Studies have further concluded that ephedrine is particularly effective in the reduction of brown adipose tissue which is one of two types of fat found in mammals.  The thermogenic effects of ephedrine have been confirmed by animal trials.

Ephedrine promotes the process of thermogenesis in the body, meaning that it heats up the body’s core temperature in order to boost metabolic rate performance.  When the metabolism works harder and more efficiently, more calories are burned throughout the day, even during rest.

Ephedrine based products are also important when it comes to sticking to a low calorie diet and meal plan.  Ephedrine has been shown to have superb appetite suppressant properties.  Ephedrine dramatically reduces appetite and hunger cravings.

By cutting the appetite and curbing cravings all while boosting core energy, dieters can more easily stick to both a tough training regime and a restricted diet, thereby multiplying the weight loss effects of a good diet supplement.

The raw power of ephedrine is made even more potent in what are called ECA Stack formulas.  ECA Stacks are formulas, like Nutraslim for Her and various others, are made from ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin.

Aspirin and caffeine have been shown to boost the natural power of ephedrine.  These ingredients work synergistically with ephedrine to heighten ephedra’s natural effects.

What this means is that these two ingredients can make ephedrine even more effective in its ability to help users shed pounds.  Moreover, caffeine has natural stimulant properties and appetite suppressant effects which allow for better energy levels, more productive workouts and less feelings of deprivation caused by hunger.

Ephedrine’s vasodilating effects are also important for getting the most out of each and every workout.  Ephedrine dilates the blood vessels thereby helping the body to get more oxygen to the muscles with every pump.  With greater muscle oxygenation, those taking ephedrine supplements generally have greater power and stamina.

Another new ephedrine based line of products recently added by Century Supplements and definitely worth checking out is the Nutriceuticals line.  This long-standing health and supplement manufacturer is one of the largest in the nation and has been developing cutting edge supplements for over seven decades now.

Nutriceuticals offers a powerful line of new products including for instance, the Foundation Nutriceuticals Liquid Ephedra capsules.  These ephedrine based tablets will begin revving up a sluggish metabolism almost as soon as they’re swallowed.

The rapid absorption rates provided by the liquid capsule technology mean that you can feel the energy boosting effects and appetite suppressing properties right away.  With 27 mg of ephedra, the formula is a fat burning powerhouse.

Other trusted weight loss formulas worth taking a look at include: Schwartz Laboratories formulas; Liquid Fire with ephedra; the potent ECA Stack Firestarter weight loss aid; the extreme fat burning supplement Black Widow, and the ClomaPharma methyldrene diet and energy supplement.

Liquid Fire with Ephedra, for instance, is a potent and well trusted fat burner that has a large following of devoted users.  LiquidFire contains a whopping 35 mg of ephedra with every serving, outstripping many other brands.

This high potency formula will dramatically increase energy and stamina as well as fat burning and metabolic performance.  It should be noted that this formula is not available to Italian and German customers however.

Most formulas work best when combined with a sensible diet and a regular exercise program.  Though these formulas will help deliver rapid weight loss, best results are achieved when lifestyle changes are made in tandem.

As with any new product or program, those new to the weight loss supplement world may want to consult with their physicians before embarking on their individual weight loss journey.  This is especially the case if one has any pre-existing health conditions.

Ephedrine based products are stimulants and as such they should not be taken close to bedtime as they can affect your sleep.  Taking these supplements earlier in the day, before a workout, will have the best results.

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