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Cellular wireless networks

Cellular wireless networks are a method through which a cellular signal is transmitted throughout an area.

A cellular wireless network is composed of land areas (cells) which are covered by a transceiver. The transceiver has the job of receiving and sending the calls, texts and managing your internet connection. A web of transceivers governs the cellular network, allowing almost instant exchanges of information around the world.

Cellular wireless networks are crucial to our daily lives today. Imagine yourself having an accident – first thing you do is call the cops or, if things are bad, an ambulance. For that, you need a cell. The cellular network is the thing that makes your phone work in the first place.

Recent sun storms have sparked quite the controversy on cellular networks and how they would be affected. Analysts predicted that if, indeed we would be hit by a full-frontal sun storm, then the networks might stop working, until they’re repaired and made functional again. This would create utter chaos and confusion, not to mention severing the ability to call for help and communicate with friends and family.

So yes – cellular networks are very important. So important that we’ve come to rely on them more than we probably should.

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