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Top 5 Camping Spots In Arizona


Arizona is a magnificent state to go camping. The climate is diverse, due to the varied elevation. The southern portion of the state is mostly desert and the northern half is filled with picturesque mountain ranges and deep canyons. Many choose Arizona for their camping adventure to see the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. Its deep gorge of breathtaking colors, cut by water, reveal the earth’s sandstone layers. Others enjoy watching an authentic Indian Pow-Wow, skiing down a mountain, or just collecting some rocks from the desert floor. Arizona has all of that and more as a camping option. ... Read More »

Central Park Rickshaws tours


Central Park is a famous recreational site that occupies 843 acres in New York City. Central Park Rickshaw Tours is the company mandated in ensuring everything runs smoothly so that you enjoy the spectacular sights and vivid personality of the central park. It is manned by highly qualified and delightful tour guides, therefore, they ensure that you and your family or friends enjoy their visit to the fullest. They are always vigilant about the visitors safety and comfort; their rickshaws are regularly maintained, and there are also detachable canopies for protection against adverse climate Central Park rickshaw tours have experienced ... Read More »

Brief History of Washington DC


Like most of the American history, that of District of Columbia (DC) has strong ties with the confinement of our nation. In this case, politicians from north and south found the balance by placing a federal city amidst their seats of power. Potential cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore were rejected by the owners of southern plantations, these cities being way too industrialised urban centres. So they decided to build a new city right in the middle of the 13 colonies along the banks of the Potomac River. Maryland and Virginia donated land (Virginia recovered it in the nineteenth century). ... Read More »

Top 5 Off-beat Attractions in Salzburg


Salzburg is mostly known as the city where Mozart was born and it is famous for opera and art. If this beautiful Austrian city is on your travel list, here are the top 5 attractions that you should not miss: The house where Mozart was born, the ‘Hagenauer House, but also the residence where his family moved when the old house became too small for them. Both were turned into museums. The Hohensalzburg Fortress, which served as a fortification, a temporary residence of Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich (where he was held captive for five years by his nephew, the successor ... Read More »

5 Campings Recipes You Must Include on Your Next Trip


When it comes to camping, your options for cooking can be quite limited. However, if carefully planned, you can create delicious meals while out on your adventure! Whether you are sitting around the campfire or cozy in your 6 person family tent. Listed below are 5 camping recipes that are a must-have on your next camping trip. All you’ll need to enjoy these meals is an open fire, and voilà! Great meals for the entire family to enjoy while camping: Egg Boats This recipe is perfect to make for breakfast or dinner! First, you will need a sourdough baguette. Crack ... Read More »

Pete for India Travel


  Traveling to a new place may be quite challenging as you will not be familiar with the new places. It is therefore advisable that you get guideline of the intended area of the visit or even someone who will guide you through. Through this, you will find it very fantastic as you get to find smart and high quality services from the best premises in the area. Travelling to India has now been made very elementary as the PETE for India Travel now offers the best trip advisor services to anyone who wants to travel to India. They deal ... Read More »