Tuesday , 28 March 2017
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How Using Interactive Broadcasting Can Improve Your Business


No matter what business you are in, it will thrive when you increase the amount of time that you are able to spend in front of customers. While true, it’s a common misconception is that this face time needs to be in-person for it to be effective. Interactive broadcasting offers businesses the opportunity to get in front of their customers more often, and with far less of an investment of your time and resources. If your business is interested in using video more, but you’re struggling to find places where adding interactive broadcasting makes sense, then why not try some ... Read More »

Augmented Reality in Construction


Simply put, augmented reality is something that helps convert the information in your surrounding into a real-like environment. It has apparently brought about some huge changes already in some other industries, and many believe that the construction industry is going to be one of them soon as well. However, the construction industry has probably been one of the least automated ones so far. But if some of the recent trends are anything to go by, that might change pretty soon. In fact, a good few construction companies have already been using augmented reality to come up with better construction plans ... Read More »

DX Radio – Overview


For the people who are in the HAM or the amateur radio era, it may be exciting for you to know that ham radio is still an activity that is considered as a hobby. Actually, it is a kind of device that can help to communicate with those who are living in distant regions. As today’s instant messengers, the amateur radio is used in the olden days.   This is a custom way for communicators to know their position and the station with their zone and place.  Here, the DXing is playing the important role and let’s see the details about this DX in the ... Read More »

Latest and Greatest Advances in Water Treatment Technology


Water, found almost everywhere on Earth, is vital to life. The human body is composed of 70% water, and entire civilizations have risen and fallen based on the availability of water. Water treatment and filtration are extremely important not just to modern society, but the health of the people who live in it. The water we drink, which we get from rivers, lakes, and groundwater, is often filled with chemicals, garbage, pollution, bacteria, and parasites unfit for human consumption. Most water treatment is accomplished using three main techniques: distillation reverse osmosis UV water purification In distillation, the oldest method of ... Read More »

My Trip To Scotland


I planned to take a trip to Scotland during the summers, and thought it would be a good idea to see the landscape along the way. Even though it was a long journey, I booked my train tickets and headed off to the train station. I went to the quietest compartment in the train and took a seat there. But soon the compartment began to fill up and there were lots of people there chattering around. I hadn’t slept the previous night and I really needed some peace and quiet. So I put on my Bose Quietcomfort 25 noise cancelling ... Read More »

Wireless charging technology offered by Humavox


If there’s anything that is bit of a transformational technology in the world of mobile technology, it is definitely wireless charging. Just as the world got a hang of using a micro USB for charging everything, the next best thing took over the entire market which is the technology of wireless charging. Frankly speaking, wireless charging is definitely better than using micro USB as the difference in speed, comfort and usability is huge. If you’re wondering about the principle of electromagnetic induction, you should remain aware that the coils of wire in the base station work together to create a ... Read More »