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All About Gasoline Powered Radio Control Cars


Gasoline Powered Radio Control Cars are a great hobby for the beginning enthusiast or the expert owner who has been racing for years. There are many variations of these cars, including size that will give you an idea of how fast you can race them. Understanding how to go about purchasing a gasoline powered radio control car can be difficult as there are so many on the market. There are several criteria for you to think about before purchasing your gasoline powered radio control car. These include: Size, Cost, Beginner or Expert Car Racer, Name Brands that are known for ... Read More »

Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform 


WordPress has developed gradually over a time and today it is the best blogging and website designing tool that no other platform can compare to. A number of websites and top blogs dominating the top spots of the major search engines such as TechCrunch, The New York Times, and Huffington Post among others are built on WordPress platform, which is enough reason to support the claim that WordPress is the best blogging tool online. This article takes you through seven major reasons why WordPress has developed significantly over a time to become the best blogging platform. 1. Best Technical Support ... Read More »

Top 4 Web Development Frameworks That Are Here To Stay


Although the work of a web designer cannot be seen or understood by the users, that individual is very much responsible, to present your website the way, you are seeing it now. They lay the foundation upon which the site stands. In short, they program the website. People often get confused with the term web developer and web designer. So, when you want to build a website, a web designer cannot help you out rather a web developer can. With the need of a digital platform, the creation of a website has become very important. Hence, the need for web ... Read More »

5 Major Qualities to Look For in a Tactical Flashlight

pocket flashlight for Everyday Carry (EDC)

The best tactical flashlight is going to be reliable and lightweight. We’re sharing 5 other major qualities to look for in a tactical flashlight here. A tactical flashlight can be a lifesaver in a variety of situations, but it pays to have the very best. Of course, you want a flashlight to be reliable and lightweight so you can carry it discreetly and count on it to be ready when you need it. That’s not all you need to look for, though. Other essential qualities make some tactical flashlights stand above the rest. Here are five things to look for. ... Read More »

How Using Interactive Broadcasting Can Improve Your Business


No matter what business you are in, it will thrive when you increase the amount of time that you are able to spend in front of customers. While true, it’s a common misconception is that this face time needs to be in-person for it to be effective. Interactive broadcasting offers businesses the opportunity to get in front of their customers more often, and with far less of an investment of your time and resources. If your business is interested in using video more, but you’re struggling to find places where adding interactive broadcasting makes sense, then why not try some ... Read More »

Augmented Reality in Construction


Simply put, augmented reality is something that helps convert the information in your surrounding into a real-like environment. It has apparently brought about some huge changes already in some other industries, and many believe that the construction industry is going to be one of them soon as well. However, the construction industry has probably been one of the least automated ones so far. But if some of the recent trends are anything to go by, that might change pretty soon. In fact, a good few construction companies have already been using augmented reality to come up with better construction plans ... Read More »