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Wondershare DVD Creator: How to Burn Movies to DVD in One Click – Tips and Tricks


Home movies have been a trend for a while the fad is still alive. The main reason is that they are not only fun to make but they are also a great source of entertainment. They enable you to freeze your precious memories in time such that you can access them whenever you like and relive them over and over again. They are also excellent wedding gifts. The thing that made all this possible was the introduction of DVDs in the late stages of the last millennium. DVDs are such a great medium for creating and storing home movies that ... Read More »

Spyzie – Protect Your Children with this Powerful Phone Monitoring Tool


Spyzie is an Android and iOS app that enables parents to monitor the location and phone activities of their children. It helps parents feel safer since it gives them more control over their children’s lives. By monitoring the things their children are doing on their phones, parents can determine whether they should intervene or let them be. Here are the specifics to help you realize just how wonderful this one of a kind app is. Features One of the most notable features of Spyzie is stealth mode. Once installed on the target phone, it is not visible to the user ... Read More »

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 1-Click


“I have just got a new Samsung Note 9 and would like to transfer my data from my previous iPhone 7 Plus. Can someone tell me how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung?” If you have got a new Android phone, then you must be having a similar query as well. Gone are the days when switching from one smartphone to another used to be a tedious job. Now, you can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android in seconds. There are dedicated applications that have made this cross-platform transfer of data so seamless. We will ... Read More »

DearMob iPhone Manager: How to Encrypt & Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC


Video resolutions are getting bigger and better with each passing year. Just recently 1080p was the resolution everyone was drooling over, then it was 4k, and now it’s 8k. Sure, we do have really fast internet nowadays, so downloading videos with such high resolution isn’t always a problem. But when it comes to space, mobile devices like iPhones and iPads may not fare well. If you are a serial video downloader and the iPhone or iPad is your favorite tool, you must agree that chances are that your device is running out of space, even as you read this. Good ... Read More »

How To Select a Data Recovery Software


When one loses data, the first and foremost thing that they want to perform is to recover their lost data as much as possible. There is plenty of data recovery software that aims to recover lost data for large scale enterprise firm, small scale businesses and individuals too. How does a Data Recovery Software work? An efficient data recovery program helps in evaluating various different corrupted areas present on the hard drive that is normally inaccessible. This software help in recovering data from varying devices such as solid-state drives, CDs, storage tapes, RAID, DVDs, internal hard disks, USB flash drives, ... Read More »

Arithmetic with Windows Batch Process Programming


Mathematical operations are essential functions in Windows batch process programs, and though, in batch commands lines are not used with great frequency, still have the ability to create the opportunity for magnificent function. Every programming language has some form of mathematical operation, but few have access to as powerful and functional resources located within a Windows file system like batch process programs do. In this lesson, we’ll go over the most basic of command-line arithmetic including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and go over some of the ways in which they can be used in this environment. Want me to ... Read More »