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How to Choose the A Luxury Ring for Men


Nowadays, men are embracing luxury jewelry just as much as women. Exclusive items such as men’s diamond rings give them the opportunity to express their style and character in a unique way. Apart from conveying a fashion statement, these products can also act as souvenirs for weddings; a constant reminder of the love and bond between you and your partner. Below are some tips to consider when picking luxury rings for men: Ring Size It’s recommended you measure your finger in an environment that’s neither too hot nor too cold as this will help determine the correct ring-size to use. ... Read More »

The Importance Of Golf Clothing And Accessories 


There is more than adhering to the strict dress codes imposed by golf clubs when it comes to choosing golf clothing and accessories. Besides being denied to play, dressing up with the wrong attire could negatively affect your performance and subject you to the mercy of changing weathers. Golf is not a game that you could finish in an hour or less.It takes an average of 4 hours to complete a typical 18 holes game. Often golfers are exposed to various weathers; from the blistering heat of summer to the chilling draught from the wind. It is vital for golfers to be equipped with the proper attire and ... Read More »


Nickis children’s collection is an authentic demonstration of a trendy, creative and fashionable spirit of the Italian designer, Gucci. A blend of the old and new fashion concepts gave birth to a luxurious line of clothes for babies, boys and girls. Fashion enthusiasts and household names cannot resist the flawless look and comfy feel of Gucci wear on their little ones. is an online shop for kids founded on exclusive craftsmanship with attention to detail, impressive designs and quality material, and great Gucci kids fashion. is an authorized dealer of Gucci merchandise, and this narrative is incomplete without ... Read More »

Here Are Some Useful Natural Remedies for Blackhead Removal


Small black skin projections that are commonly found on the nose and face are called blackheads. These blackheads basically play the role of a plug as they block the sebaceous glands of the skin. Excessive production of an oily production called sebum by the sebaceous gland hardens slowly when it mixes with bacteria and dead skin. When the sebum is exposed to oxygen, it is oxidized, which causes it to turn black thereby leading to the formation of blackheads. Their appearance is a cause of worry for all women because they mar the beauty of their face and that’s something ... Read More »

Over the knee boots and dresses


When you think of over the knee boots you probably would associate them with short skirts, mini dresses or rompers. The fact is, if you go for over the knee boots, you would surely want them to show, that means wearing something revealing. On the other hand, there are many other ways in making them stand out even if you are not necessarily wearing short items above the boots. Sheers, tulle or lace maxi or midi dresses are a great pair when it comes to being original in wearing over the knee boots. Try to work on contrasts too. Dark ... Read More »

Short jeans vs. long jeans

There always is a big debate about how to style jeans but to be sure you made the right decision you need to follow some basic rules. Be sure you know your body and dress appropriately. Of course you can style shorts even if you have some extra pounds on, but surely toned legs look much better in this case. It’s all about how you feel and about your confidence. Shorts look better in summer than in winter. And that’s easy to explain. Long stockings might look great but try to wear them right. Matte, black or colorful stockings are ... Read More »