Saturday , 31 January 2015
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My Dog Is So Awesome

I have a 2 year old Pug named Athena, I got her from a Pug breeder when she was just a small tiny puppy. I have basically owned her for her whole life. I love taking my dog to the pet store. When I am there I usually try on collars, different doggy toys, and sometimes let her lay down on the big dog beds. I go through the food isle and she just starts to go crazy. She absolutely loves food, sometimes I think more than me. I grab a bag of her favorite food, then I proceed to ... Read More »

Do Dogs Really Need A Vacation?

The reason why dog owners who are so attached to their pets do not go on vacation is they fear to leave their pet behind. Dogs need to be fed and tended to and the bigger they get, the harder it is to leave them at somebody’s care. A kennel will be the last resort; a decision a dog lover like you does not want to make. But why not bring your dogs with you? Why not give your dogs a vacation of their lifetime? Don’t they need to have a vacation too?So you think your dog needs that getaway ... Read More »

Communicate with Your Dog Better after Going Through Cocker Spaniel Training Books

The cocker spaniel training books will provide you with the necessary information on how to communicate with your pet effectively. The cocker spaniel is among the simplest dog breed to communicate with since its full of intelligence. What you need is just to understand the signs these pets use to communicate with one another and with people. There are several ways of communicating with your pet. From the cocker spaniel training books, you will learn that you can start by using your voice, which has a great impact to your pet. You will easily note the difference that appears when ... Read More »