Friday , 18 January 2019
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Researching for an online degree is an extraordinary choice

Many large colleges now offer the chance to learn and obtain a degree online. Some will offer extra support such as advice online, academic associations and gazettes. Researching for a degree is an extraordinary choice for many reasons and for persons in a range of circumstances. You can work to your own variable schedule and today there is a very wide variety of subjects on offer. An online degree can deliver you recognition from your work colleagues and bosses. You can acquire an online degree in the fields of commerce, healthcare, instruction, law and others. Depending on the topic area, ... Read More »

Do you want to work as a nurse or recruit nurses?

Today I discovered a great website: They provide an awesome tool for those who want to apply for Nursery Jobs. Their website is well structured. Tho most attractive part I found is “Find child care jobs”, where people can search for nursery related jobs. We offer free job posting to recruiters/employers wish to recruit professionals in Child Care Jobs, Child Day Care Jobs, Nanny Jobs, Nursery Jobs, Nursery Nurse jobs or anyone who is looking to work in a day nursery, nursery school as a nursery manager, Montessori Teacher, room leader , deputy manager. The criteria they can select ... Read More »

Challenges of Video Search

Searching requires browsing sets of candidate results. Video is a continuous (or linear) medium: if paused, only a single frame remains, audio is lost. Text is displayed in a more parallel fashion and can therefore be browsed easily. Video storage and transmission requirements are several orders of magnitude greater than those for text. Textual features (characters, words) are well defined, can be efficiently encoded, and are limited in number. Video features (edges, colors, motion) and acoustic features (pitch, energy) are less well-defined, computationally expensive to extract, and bulky to represent. In fact, there is little consensuses on which features are ... Read More »

Home video content may be quite valuable

Within many of these types, there is a range of purposes: to inform, to entertain, and to persuade. The content reflects on its creators as well as its intended audience, their culture and value systems. Continually, creative thinkers strive to build novel experiences for audiences. Therefore these general classes should be understood to be only approximate, to give the reader a flavor of the range of video material encountered, and to provide an appreciation of the scope of the problem domain for video search engines. Although we can estimate production costs for these content types, estimating the value for the ... Read More »