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The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in 2017 to Invest In


The value of each cryptocurrency is somehow unpredictable. Sometimes they are skyrocketing, other times they are dropping. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that they are changing the financial world. Currently, there are 1172 cryptocurrencies available to be bought and sold on the market. With the list continuously growing, people are finding it more difficult to choose where to invest. But if investment should be based on today’s market share and performance, then here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2017 to consider. Bitcoin Bitcoin isn’t only the first to start the trend of virtual asset but also the first on ... Read More »

How to Get a Loan With Bad Credit


When most people need to come up with extra money, they will take out a loan. Individuals without a good credit history do not have this option in many cases. Banks and other traditional lending institutions are hesitant to loan money to anyone that does not meet their stringent requirements. There is a place to get a bad credit loan with reasonable payment options. It is hard to deal with unexpected expenses when you have zero credit or your credit is very poor. There are now some new credit loan options for people in these situations. People never know when ... Read More »

The Advantages of Responsible Debt Consolidation


We have all seen the commercials that offer a fast and easy way to get out of debt. They usually feature a person holding her head in pain and a table filled with scattered papers that are presumably overdue bills. If you have come to be skeptical of anything that offers a fast and easy way out of debt and sounds too good to be true, you are certainly not alone. That is because there is no easy and fast way out of debt, as anyone who has dealt with excessive debt can tell you. Many of these commercials are ... Read More »

Despite Their Money-Saving Potential, Many Business Owners Fail to Claim These Nine Tax Deductions

The reason corporate conglomerates are corporate conglomerates is because they save money wherever they can. The more money they save, the more money they can put back into their business. The largest U.S. businesses hire accountants to get them as many tax breaks as they can; after all, giving money to Uncle Sam is not profitable. Even small business owners can take advantage of tax deductions. The problem is many don’t. Here are common deductions missed each year.   1. Home Office   According to American Express, only 7.6 million of the 23.4 million sole proprietors claimed the home office ... Read More »

Getting Personal Loans is Possible Even with Lackluster Credit Record Nowadays


The monetary crisis may crop up in anyone’s life, regardless of his job type, location or spending habit etc. If you have the habit of saving money for urgent needs that could be a savior in such situations. However, if you do not have saved money to meet urgent needs, taking loans is the way out. After all, who loves borrowing from others for personal situations? Getting loans from banks seems logical but that may not be easy for all. If you have poor credit scores it can prove to be a tedious task. That is the reason online short-term ... Read More »

New To Investing? 4 Ways to Up Your Knowledge Game and Sharpen Your Skills


Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something. The “glass half full” view of this immutable reality is that novice investors have time to improve their skills and knowledge base. A single mistake won’t put you at a catastrophic disadvantage relative to your peers. The “glass half empty” view: Even if novice investors have time to correct their mistakes, they’re still up against stiff competition. Marathon running is a profession, after all — you can’t expect to train for a month or two and run a 2:20 race. The ... Read More »