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Getting the Gear You Need to Get Your Big Rig Back Up and Running


Semis use a variety of parts to run smoothly without breaking down. When your own big rig is starting to stall out or not perform as usual, you may wonder where you can find gear like hoses, filters, Peterbilt 379 parts, spark plugs, and more to make the needed repairs. Rather than trust the inventory of local parts dealers, you can get the items you need faster by shopping online. You can also price out the parts so you can stay on budget for all of your repair and upgrade projects. Searching for Parts by Make and Model Semi-trucks come ... Read More »

5 Tips for Understanding Car Insurance Premiums


Having car insurance that protects you, your property, and those who ride in your car is a must, but choosing the right policy can be challenging. There are many factors to consider when it comes to buying auto insurance, and one of the most important will probably be what kind of premiums you can afford. If you are new to buying insurance or simply want to ensure you get the most coverage for your money, there are several strategies that can help you accomplish this. 1. Understand Risk The first and most important factor you should consider when trying to understand ... Read More »

Things to keep in mind when refurbishing used cars


Are you out to become a professional car refurbisher? Robert Bassam got his start in the car business in this fashion, as it eventually netted him the revenues he needed to expand his business to where it is today. In order to be successful in this endeavor, though, there are some things that you need to keep in mind when you are acquiring and fixing up your first few vehicles. Let’s go over a few of them below… 1) Should I even buy this car? Just because you have a car in front of you that is really cheap doesn’t ... Read More »

The top 7 trends in the auto industry for 2017


In the automotive industry where technology is constantly changing there are trends that simply amaze us every year. Let’s take a look at some of them. Absence from auto trade shows One of the most popular auto trade show in the world, which is visited by around 1.2 million people this year will be marked by the absence of some big names. According to the directors Aston Martin and Andy Palmer, some car manufacturers think that it is better to invest the money intended for auto trade shows in promotion after the show. Although auto trade shows are places where ... Read More »

Four Ways to Protect Yourself After A Car Accident


What do you do when your car is involved in a car accident on your way from work? Who do you call? Which documents are important to have with you at that moment? What shouldn’t you sign? When do you call your lawyer? How soon should you call your insurance guys? These are just some of the questions that race through the minds of persons involved in road accidents. A bigger question normally arises when you are the victim of the accident; ‘how will I get back my life’? Since these events can happen to anyone, you will need to ... Read More »

What You Need To Know About Car Insurance Before Letting Your Teen Drive


Perhaps you, as a parent, have been waiting for that point in time where your son or daughter has reached the teenage years and is about to begin driving a vehicle on his or her own. You are not alone, as most parents in the United States accept that reality – most teenagers want to learn how to drive, and will eventually drive on their own. Along with driving comes the responsibility of auto insurance, which is a necessity in the US. Before you let your teen drive on his/her own, it’s best to take a look at several options ... Read More »