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Protect your Business: Sign a Non-Compete Today


A non-compete agreement is a contract that involves two parties – an employer and an employee. In a non-compete agreement, the employee agrees to not enter into a competition with the employer after the employment agreement between both parties has been terminated. Non-compete agreements are also called non-compete clauses (NCC), and they are a legal agreement in which an employee agrees to never enter into competitive market/Profession with the employer. The Importance of a Non-compete Agreement The importance of a non-compete agreement cannot be overemphasized as it is used when the employment between an employer and an employee has been ... Read More »

You Deserve a Top Shelf Official Website for Your Austin Business

Are you a new business owner in the Austin area? If you are just getting started, one of the very first things you will need is a website. Once you have a presence on the world wide web, you can use it to draw in an audience of interested visitors and potential customers. Of course, the site you put up needs to feature all of the latest modern e-commerce technology, such as a web store and shopping cart. This is the design model that customers interested in your business will expect to see. What Features Should Be Included in Your ... Read More »

5 Tips for Immigrating to Canada


It’s the land of snow, hockey and free healthcare, and it draws thousands of immigrants each year. But what do you need to know about Canada before you actually pack up and move? What steps do you need to take to ensure that you’re not turned away at the border? Here are just a few tips if you’re hoping to live or work in Canada. 1. Determine Your Eligibility Not everyone is allowed in Canada. It might be disappointing, but if you have serious health, financial or legal issues, the immigration office has a right to deny you entry as ... Read More »

Why Outsourcing Training Experts Is a Smart Business Move


No matter what kind of business you manage, it is unlikely for you to not run into complications regarding the kind of expertise that your personnel needs. This is important in making sure that they are doing their jobs properly, and therefore keeping the company running smoothly. However, hiring an expert in a specific field can be like finding a diamond in the rough – it’s difficult, time-consuming, and often ends with lackluster results. Depending on someone who is clueless as to the inner-workings regarding the kind of job that your company needs done is even worse. This is one ... Read More »

Perk Up Your Business Stickers

Stickers are a timeless way to leave your mark wherever you go. People put them on notebooks, apparel, work filing cabinets, and many other locations to show their support or share something of interest with the world that’s just passing by. Custom stickers continue to be a very profitable way to promote a business. If you’re in business for yourself, consider the cheap branding opportunities encouraged by bulk stickers. What sticks do for your business Stickers might seem simple but the impact they have is very large. Take for example larger stickers that have plenty of advertising space for you ... Read More »

Business Excellence 101: Strategies For Success


Edgy, cutting edge, and sophisticated are typically the types of adjectives that business owners want to be associated with their brand. In thinking about the core meaning of these terms, one word might come to mind: excellence. If you want your business to operate in excellence, it’s imperative to continually use organizational growth strategies that are known to generate positive outcomes. Here are three strategies you can use to make excellence and success integral to your company culture: 1. Use Graphic Design Services. Another marketing strategy that you might consider using in order to optimize your conversion rates is the ... Read More »