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5 Tips for Immigrating to Canada


It’s the land of snow, hockey and free healthcare, and it draws thousands of immigrants each year. But what do you need to know about Canada before you actually pack up and move? What steps do you need to take to ensure that you’re not turned away at the border? Here are just a few tips if you’re hoping to live or work in Canada. 1. Determine Your Eligibility Not everyone is allowed in Canada. It might be disappointing, but if you have serious health, financial or legal issues, the immigration office has a right to deny you entry as ... Read More »

How Small Businesses Can Handle Large Influxes of Calls

After a particularly successful advertisement campaign, or during a very busy season of the year, a business might struggle to keep up with phone calls. This is especially true for business models that require heavy phone use such as: customer service, home service providers, or stores that take orders via phone. Hiring a Phone Operator, Receptionist, or CSR For the small business that has enough incoming phone calls to justify another part time, or even full time employee, it could be a great idea to hire one. For appointment based offices, a dedicated receptionist could handle all calls, scheduling, cancellations, ... Read More »

Get Healthy In 2017 By Implementing These Wellness Tips


If you’re over the world of sickness and disease, you should start thinking about what steps you need to take to get and remain well. While there are many wellness tips that could work wonders for your physical health and mental well-being, you may find the following strategies particularly life-changing: 1. Implement Mindfulness Strategies. These days, the term “mindfulness” has gained primacy in a wide range of communities all over the country. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that more people are becoming conscious of the fact that regulating and optimizing one’s thought processes can play ... Read More »

What Should I Look For In An Online Training Company?

In a contemporary world where online training courses are a new normal, business owners who want to help their employees grow professionally should take advantage of internet-based learning opportunities for staff members. If you’ve given thought to the value of online learning and are now looking for a training company through which your staff can take courses, now is the time to find the ideal business. To ensure that you can locate a top notch online training company, make sure that the business in question has the following attributes: 1. Extensive Experience In The Online Training Sector. One key attribute ... Read More »

Small Business Tech Trends of 2018


Technology has made launching a small business easier than ever in the past decade, with 69 percent of US entrepreneurs able to establish their companies at home. Each new year brings fresh tech innovations that can help small businesses run more smoothly, and embracing trends as they emerge gives growing brands a chance to get ahead of competitors. What does 2018 hold in store? Here are the tech trends every small business should focus on in the coming year. #1. More Reliance on the Cloud Cloud storage has transformed the way in which businesses can operate, and this will continue ... Read More »

The Top Myths About Investing In Real Estate, Debunked


Most of us would love to be able to say that we’re heavily invested in real estate. After all, it seems like one of the most lucrative ways to turn a bit of money into a small fortune. With all of the news stories about entrepreneurs who made their money in the real estate market, it’s no surprise that so many people aspire to be real estate investors. Despite the huge amount of people who aspire to invest in real estate, there are still a lot of myths out there about how it all works. To help you learn the ... Read More »