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An Introvert’s Guide To Charm


  Looking for an introvert’s guide to charm? Consider the search over. Blogging has been revolutionizing the way we communicate and the way we do business, and this is clear from this blog. This blog is very helpful especially for those who do not know how to go about their social lives successfully and confidently. Some of the great topics to read about on this blog are the secrets of body language, the advantageous qualities of introverts and ways to improve eye contact. Men and women process and respond to emotions differently, and this is clearly explained in this site. Failure to understand this ... Read More »

Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle Blog


  Everything Worth Finding is a contemporary forum, dedicated to keeping you current with the most quality content. Created by three modern day women, with traditional concepts, who live by one mantra “Live life beautifully!” This lively trio embodies femininity, confidence, intelligence and creativity through their individual contributions. EWF is dedicated to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and philanthropy! The founders reveal their love and the importance of humanity, through their acts of service and community foundation involvement. EWF is passionate about keeping you updated on Everything Worth Finding. This fashion blog has everything that you need to be a successful and ... Read More »

Live Your Life


  Live your life is a website that encourages people to live the lives they want, and not what was designed for them by the society. To truly enjoy a fulfilling life, Nick Dee reveals that there are a few things that you must follow. For starters, you need to trust yourself. This creates confidence to pursue your dreams and reach your highest potential. Secondly, you need to break the rules set by society that are usually designed to cripple anyone’s dreams. He encourages people to follow their true happiness. In order to do so, you need to ignore external ... Read More »

Why Do You Do It


  Targeted at writers and students, White Light Words is a site of plays, short stories and reflections on quotes and key phrases by writer Rhett Burch. He developed the site with the aim of motivating students and encouraging recovering alcoholics with his own inspiring story of recovery. This site is an uplifting one with genuine credibility. Rhett Burch shows clear evidence of his writing skills. His persuasive article on being Aggressively Patient clearly advocates patience as a needed virtue. Rhett explains that he has become patient in many ways, and that this patience has helped him form a better ... Read More »



  A Britt Of Happiness is the best website for anyone doing soul searching. The current world has filled our lives with busy schedules and endless deadlines that we have to beat every day that we wake up. Consequently we sacrifice our happiness and value for life for the sake of fulfilling the demands of this busy life. offers you endless articles to help you view life from a more positive outlook. The articles which are free of charge for any person visiting the website, offers you different angles to life. The baglady articles offer direction and advice towards achieving ... Read More »

Luxury Fashion and Styling

bbc-blogs is the blog of Livia Nasi, a designer of luxury fashion apparel and jewelry. The designer started this blog because of her passion for making these accessories. The blog is very simple, as its main goal is just presenting the accessories designed by Livia and providing people an opportunity to buy the products that she is making. An example of product that she is presenting is an 18k red gold bracelet with an equestrian theme. The bracelet is made of gold and diamonds and has been crafted in Italy. Another cool accessory from Livia is a ring with ... Read More »