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Here are some of the world’s serial killers you need to know about

Taking the life of someone is something that most people are scared about. This is the reason why in most cases, you will rarely find that one has just killed his/her fellow for pleasure. It is always a hard time for the families that have lost their loved ones and no-one is happy when one dies. This is on the contrary, to other people as with them, they kill for pleasure. Below are some of the world’s known and terrifying brutal killers. Charles Ng, who is a Chinese-American is one of the brutal killers who has killed about 11 to ... Read More » Review


  If you are a girl, we are sure that you have hoards of makeup products in your closet. Finest nail polish, shining lipstick, a perfect eye make-up kit and, of course, your exquisite outfit! You cannot probably step outdoor without making sure that you look fabulous! Beauty is something to adore, and it is indeed appreciable the way women take care of their prettiness. Ever since the website has been launched, there have been a plethora of women visiting the same each day. The blogs by Alina which cover daily beauty tips and tricks to help women preserve ... Read More »

Why Anyone Can Run A Blog – Yes Even You!


The number of blogs has exploded in recent years and it’s easy to see why. People enjoy using the Internet to connect with people and blogging is no different. Blogs allow a person to show off what fills them with passion or gives them an outlet to show off what skills they have. It can even lead to great opportunities and jobs! Here are a few reasons why you should start a blog today: 1. It’s incredibly easy for anyone to set up a blog. Creating a website from scratch is hard but signing up for one of many different ... Read More »

Dharma Pupil Blog


  The modern psychology’s major discovery is that the cure for depression, stress, and anxiety is in the practices of our ancestors: meditation or mindfulness. I’ve been practicing mindfulness for quite some time, and I have been searching for blogs to increase my knowledge of the Buddhist’s rituals and meditation practices. The best information, I’ve found so far is on is a blog started by a Buddhist from Scotland. The fact that the Buddhist is from a modern country attracts me to the as it gives information on how to practice Buddhism in the modern world. On ... Read More »

Vreau doar sa fiu fericit


Ce este libertatea? Inlauntrul tau exista un loc in care ai fost intotdeauna liber, in siguranta si fericit. Tot ce ai nevoie sa faci este sa gasesti acest loc. Este foarte simplu, pentru ca este deja acolo. Acesta este locul dupa care ai tanjit. Este atat de minunat, incat toate dorintele tale inceteaza. Iti dai seama ca acesta este. Acesta este adevaratul tau Eu. Poate ca ai incercat intreaga ta viata sa gasesti acest loc. Poate ca nu ai putut sa gasesti locul in care adevarata fericire sa dureze, pentru ca nu ai cautat unde trebuie. constiinta, fericirea, adevar suprem, ... Read More »

Local news entertauinment gossip


  If shopping for food and drinks online is your cup of tea and your senses lean towards what is going on in the local news entertainment gossip, lean your eyes and ears to Zamani Entertainment Blog. African local news are heightened by the talent of online bloggers that talk about daily news activity about typically anything entertaining the tickle bones of the human mind. Zamani Entertainment Blog is a Nigerian local news entertainment gossip talking about anything from unusual celebrity photos to something as big as national news casting. News isn’t so interesting for the youth nowadays, they would ... Read More »