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Business Card Review of Jeremy, a Photographer

In this digital age, paper has survived reduction in usage quite well. Printouts are still important and printer ink and laser toner remain business essentials. Carrot Ink offers ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges that work just like the manufacturer’s but at a fraction of the cost. Get a Carrot Ink coupon and reduce your printing costs by a wide margin.

An artist’s business card needs to be designed well because people expect to see a sample of the artist’s work on the card itself. If the design looks great, people will expect to see that same kind of work done on their projects.

On the other hand, if the design is poor, potential clients will think poorly of the artist because of a lack of skills or a lack of motivation. Either way, it works against the artist.

This business card belongs to a photographer who has used both sides of it to demonstrate his abilities. On one side are 15 thumbnail photos of his work, all portraits, with two of them in black and white and the rest in color.

This catches our attention, especially since nine of the photos feature people looking straight at us. Young, old, beautiful, ugly, male, female, posed, action, exotic locale and middle America, this photographer has included a wide range of images, all well-photographed.

On the reverse side, he includes his information in big red letters on a solid black background. His name, job title, e-mail address and website are listed.

To add variety, he makes one word on each line solid read, the rest of the words are solid white.

He could have used the space more effectively by including a logo and a tagline that people will remember. While his images are great, a logo helps brand his business, much like the Mercedes-Benz or Coca-Cola logos, which get instant recognition the moment they are seen.

It would also have been helpful to list what kind of photography he does. While the thumbnails should give a clear enough idea of his specialty, seeing it in print helps it stick in people’s memories.

It should not be a problem for this business card to be remembered when the need for a portrait photographer arises.

Printing business cards like this one would exhaust ink supplies very rapidly. In such a case, a Carrot Ink coupon would come in handy for getting printer ink cartridges or color laser toner cartridges at a reduced cost but not at reduced quality.

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