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Building your Online Business? Here are 4 Disasters to Avoid…

Building an online business is ideal for the person that can spare an hour or two each day and be based at home. This doesn’t mean you must be based at home because some people find it near impossible to work in a home environment. A man I know operates a number of online businesses and rented an office in town. He now has two staff members helping him and claims he would not have made it to first base had he remained working from home. Obviously he has found the secret and is doing well.

Let us start by examining the wrong ways to go about building an online business and article 2 will look at the right ways.

– Start by deciding on one system and one system only. The internet is loaded with offers that you must subscribe to today or lose out forever. – Don’t be fooled into grabbing it because you will create information overload and never get your business off the ground.

– You are going to need a website and may never have operated one before. Do not make the mistake of rushing into the first “Build Your Own Website in Minutes” program that you find. There are thousands out there and you should avoid being rushed into decisions too early.

– In the early stages of building online businesses do not sign up for everything because you will build up bills like crazy. At this stage it is best to keep it simple and spend the absolute minimum.

– The best piece of advice we can offer anybody setting out to build an extra income online is: “If it looks too good to be true it almost certainly is.”

Now let’s look at some of the many ways you can make money online because we strongly advise you only start with one income stream but will build more over time and if you take just one step at a time you will master the system very quickly and efficiently.

– Google Adsense.

– Affiliate marketing.

– Selling products.

– eBay.

There are more but these are the tried and tested methods and it is best to stick with these until you have sufficient cash flow to investigate others. In all things in life there is a learning curve and your early days online are all about working hard until the learning curve is completed and then reaping the benefits.

We all have access to knowledge but few are able to convert that knowledge into power or profit; nobody built a business that was an instant success and people that claim they can show you how to make millions by following their methods are usually lying. Just stop and think about that claim: If you had a business system that made millions how keen would you be to share it with others for the once only price of $99.95 or even $19.95. If these offers come from free email addresses like yahoo, gmail or hotmail don’t even bother opening them because they are usually phoney.

On ayecasher com we will attempt to guide you to the many reputable people online that will help you build a successful income at little or no cost and will never send you to anything that we haven’t tested first and subscribe to. To be honest I have lost thousands of dollars over the years buying worthless things online and that is why this site will always be very particular before making recommendations.

In article 2 we will show you how to get started building an online business in a safe manner without laying out thousands of dollars and falling into the information overload trap.

Article two is available at: Author

David McCarthy

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