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Building Loyalty Service builds loyalty

To walk into a business and be greeted by name is a customer luxury.

To check into a hotel and be welcomed like a valued frequent guest is a pleasure.

To be walked to your favorite table in a restaurant, to have your voice recognized in a phone call to a small business, to have a record of your recent purchases on file for easy reference these are the kinds of conveniences and service indicators that move satisfied customers into the loyal customer category.

Imagine this hotel check-in scenario:

The clerk enters your name in the computer, looks up and says, Welcome back! It’s been nearly three months since your last stay, so you haven’t seen our remodeled restaurant. Let us know if we can make a reservation for you, and here’s a card for a complimentary glass of wine with dinner. For now, let me get you registered. Last time you preferred a nonsmoking room on the tenth floor. Do you have a different preference for this stay?

Now compare it with this approach:

Good afternoon. Do you have a reservation? Under what name? Could you spell that again? Have you stayed with us before? To develop loyalty, never make a frequent guest feel like a first-time guest and aim to make even a first-time guest feel like a long-time friend.

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