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Branded USB Memory Sticks are incredibly popular

It’s no exaggeration to say that millions and millions of Branded USB Memory Sticks are given away free every year and the trend is accelerating. But why, what makes a branded USB memory stick such a great item and what are they most commonly being used for?

Branded USB Memory Sticks are incredibly popular with everyone because:

  1. They are incredibly handy gadgets that make storing and transporting large amounts of data very easy.
  2. They come in a range of designs and styles that look great when printed up with a logo or brand. Matching the body of many of the USB Flash Drives to a primary color from the printed brand is relatively easy to do and inexpensive and helps to lift the overall “look and feel” of the memory stick.
  3. People like to receive branded USB memory sticks because of their perceived value and because of their intrinsic usefulness.
  4. They are small and light so transportation, storage and distribution is never an issue.
  5. They have global appeal. Unlike some promotional products that only work in certain markets and cultures USB sticks have a universal appeal.
  6. They are easy to use and data (files, music, videos, presentations, etc.) can be stored onto the memory stick before they are distribution.
  7. Prices have fallen over the last few years making them a cost effective marketing and promotional tool.

In Europe, one of the most well known branded USB memory designers/creators is a Swedish company, named: Feel free to visit them, their website is easy to use and the prices are very low.

Branded USB memory sticks are awesome if you want to give away something unique, useful. Also, you can promote your company this way.

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