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Blunders committed by would-be-brides while buying their wedding gowns

Blunders committed by would-be-brides while buying their wedding gowns

Bridal makeup images and editorial Wedding makeupSo, are you about to start off with your wedding dress search? This is both a daunting and an exciting experience as you have to live up to your own expectations, your dreams of looking like the best ever bride that you could ever imagine of. A single mistake here and there could lead to a fashion faux pas which you would love to forget but your guests would prefer remembering. Hence, what are the ways in which you can avoid making even any small mistake and ensure buying the best wedding gown? Well, you have to first know about some of the most common mistakes committed by such would-be-brides. If you’re not aware of them, here are some that you would like to take into account.

  1. Giving importance to 10 different opinions: Yes, it’s true that this is the most important dress that you’ll wear and you want to ensure that it’s flawless and perfect. But that doesn’t call for 10 different opinions on how it should be and how you should look. The more is the number of people giving their opinions, the more confused you will be. It will become difficult for you to reach to a conclusion and therefore it is advised that the most a bride should bring along with her while shopping for her wedding dress is 2 others. Your mom and your sister or your best friend may be the ideal choice.
  2. Shopping way ahead of time: Most of the couples nowadays opt for longer engagements but that doesn’t mean you would shop more than 12 months before the actual date. Start visiting bridal salons only when you’re ready with the money to purchase it. It is also vital for you to have the rest of the details of your wedding in place before you actually start shopping for your wedding gown as there are many other factors which may have an influence on the style of your dress. You may consider LuvBridal for your wedding gown.
  3. Being influenced by heavy discounts: If you suddenly see that your dream designer is offering you a 70% off, don’t make an immediate decision of buying such a gown online due to that steep discount. Sample sales are famous among brides but you should know that such dresses have been tried by various other brides and hence there are higher possibilities of them being stained, torn or damaged.
  4. Asking for the wrong size: The wedding gown sizes are usually 1 or 2 sizes smaller than the rest of street clothes and so you shouldn’t get stuck with the number. Don’t fix on the right size but on the measurements of your body. Plan to lose weight before your wedding day as this could result in a best fit of your wedding gown.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can buy yourself the best wedding gown, avoid committing the above mentioned mistakes.

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