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Best Web Site Hosting – 4 Tips to the Best

Best Web Site Hosting – 4 Tips to the Best Web Site Hosting

With so many people wanting to build their own websites these days, many are looking for the best web site hosting plan. Let’s face it, if you’ve done any searching at all for a good hosting plan, you already know that it can be extremely confusing.

There are just way too may hosts out there, all offering a hundred things that you have no idea what they mean. We’ll go over the main points that are the most important for worry free hosting for your website.

1: Disk Space – How much disk space does the best web site hosting provide for your website. Generally speaking, the average site, depending on how many graphics you will have on your entire hosting space.

Uses only 2MB to 5 MB. Most decent host plans will give you much more disk space than you will ever use. These hosts know that, that’s why they give you so much because they know that you won’t use it.

2: Bandwidth – Bandwidth means how much data transfer your site uses every month. Put in simpler terms. Let’s say that you have a site page that uses 100KB in HTML, then uses another 2 MB in graphics on the page.

Every time a person loads that web page into their browser, you have used 2.1MB of bandwidth or transfer. This represents quite a large page, but we kept the numbers larger for simplicity. Normally, a web page will use less than 100KB per page load, or again…bandwidth per page load. So be sure that you have plenty of bandwidth with your best web site hosting package.

3: Free Domain Name With The Best Web Site Hosting- There are a few very good hosts that will offer you a free domain name for life with their basic web package. This is a pretty good deal, a .com domain will set you back $10-$12 per year on the low end, so if you can save this up front, you’re ahead of the game. check the link at the bottom of the page to go to our number one host that does in fact offer this deal.

4: Email accounts – This is pretty much a given these days, most hosts will offer you hundreds of email accounts. Most people will never use more than ten on any given domain, so this isn’t a real big issue.

There you have it, these are the four most important aspects of finding the best web site hosting for your new website. Give it a shot, click on the link below and get your free domain name with the number one host with the best features online.

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