Friday , 15 February 2019
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BEST Fashion Blog – WardrobeTrendsFashion (WTF)

Here on CQWEN, we share with our awesome readers (you), of all the great stuffs we find on the internet.

We have been an avid reader of this fashion & lifestyle online magazine called, WardrobeTrendsFashion, more widely known by their abbreviation of WTF!


The fashion blog magazine has been making great waves across the internet, with their feature of latest fashion lookbooks, campaigns, covers, and more. Celebrity news, what’s trending, and best of all, CQWEN’s personal favorite segment, Who’s That Hottie. Simply featured interviews with upcoming top models, and celebrities.


Of which we’ve picked up our favorite two “hotties”, upcoming top model Andrea Bruchwitz and multi-talented artiste, Ming Bridges, pictures appended above accordingly.

Follow WardrobeTrendsFashion (WTF)  on Twitter & Instagram (@WTFSG), and their facebook page.



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