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Basic Information About Dedicated Servers

The term ‘Dedicated server’ denotes a single computer in a network that is held in reserve for meeting the needs of other systems in the network. Generally, when it comes to dedicated server hosting one computer is reserved with a view to offer its service to the other computers in the network. Here, it should be remembered that all servers are kept dedicated. In some cases, it would be possible for the system to act as server besides doing other tasks as well.

Normally, in web hosting businesses, dedicated servers are rented systems and the account holder will be hiring the internet connection, software program and the server itself from the hosting company like Most of the people believe that a server is just like a typical desktop computer. This statement is true to some extent. Even though, any computer that meets the least hardware requirement can run a server operating system, this alone cannot make a desktop system to become a true server. Even if a desktop computer has similar storage capacity, memory and processor speed, it cannot replace the original server. When it comes to desktop systems, they typically run desktop applications and a user-friendly operating system for facilitating desktop-oriented tasks. On the other hand, a dedicated server will be managing all network resources.

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