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Astrology reading for relationships

Relationships often does not always sail smoothly especially in matters of the heart. Problems crop up along the way and if they are not resolved amicably and not addressed swiftly, they can end up causing irrevocable damage.


Often times, both partners do make the effort to level out problems but usually to no effect. If you find yourself in a relationship that is falling apart and are unable to resolve issues on your own, you can contact an astrologer and request for astrology readings. Why astrology reading you may ask?


Astrology is a “divine science” of analysing the traits of nature and characteristics of people and predicting future in context of their problems.


It is a “science” because it uses mathematics and astronomy to track the position of stars and planets in course of their movement on their heavenly orbits.


Astrology also believes that the important stars, the ten planets and the twelve zodiac signs exercise deep influence on the lives and relationships of the people on earth at various points of time in course of their positions.


The “divine” attribute of astrology comes from the fact that all the planets have their association with mythology of ancient civilizations – Greek, Indian, Mayan, Egyptian or Chinese.


Apart from this, the astrologers are generally blessed with spiritual and intuitive powers which help them to analyse and interpret their findings based on the calculations of planetary positions.


Astrology readings


Astrologers ask for the date of birth of the client and establish its relationship with one of the planets and zodiac signs which are in ascendance or positioned in a certain astrological house on that particular date. Based on these factors, they draw a horoscope.


As said earlier, the planets and zodiac signs have their origin and association with mythology. These signs represent certain traits of character which govern the life and relationships of the people born under their influence.


Mercury, for example, was regarded as the messenger of gods. He went post haste delivering their messages across the planet. He was also known to be shrewd and crafty.


Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. But she sometimes used her charms to take revenge on those who cheated her.


In a hypothetical situation, assume that a person born under the influence of Mercury is in a relationship with someone born under Venus. Their relationship is likely to undergo changes for better or worse according to the position of their respective planets at certain points of time.


Astrology readings help to study the compatibility levels based on the inherent nature of both partners. Astrologers try to analyse causes of the origin of the problems in relationships with reference to their planets and zodiac signs and accordingly suggest solutions for a more harmonious future.

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