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Assistance With Importing Cars Into Singapore

The Dodge Durango concept provides a strong hint of the next-generation Durango, which will appear later. Dodge says it represents 85% of the finished production-level exterior design. The current Durango is already a huge truck, but this new concept is at least 7.5 cm (3 in.) taller still, as well as being wider. It has more interior space and can carry seven people. The enlarged cargo deck can now hold standard-sized plasterboard, which is 122 cm (48 in.) widegood news for America’s builders, also good news for those people importing cars into Singapore.
Presence and power are easy to portray when you have a 5.7-liter engine and a truck of just over 5 meters (16.4 ft) long. Even so, the massive cross-hair grille and snorting air intakes on the hood make this one of the most masculine-looking trucks on the market.
Dodge, however, has been diligent in ensuring the Durango is also sporty, and not too agricultural. Short overhangs, aluminum sill guards and roof rails, and a raked windshield all contribute, as does a gently rising waistline. The lower body highlights its off-road capability: protective guards front and rear, and distinctive, bulging wheel arches with plenty of tire clearance for off-road suspension articulation.
The interior follows some clear geometric rules. Surfaces are constructed using constant radii for a simple overall form and, perhaps, a little rural ruggedness. But dark slate leather and an absence of wooden trim give the cabin a rather cold look.

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