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iKnowl, Inc. Launches Artsly “A learning platform to discover arts & crafts video lessons”

Artsly is an iPad Application which targets primarily young women in Pakistan who wish to learn new skills or further develop old ones. Of course, any person can access the application, but the kinds of activities there are better suited for women.

Once you open up the application, you’ll have the option of choosing a category and start learning in a “how-to” style, using videos, much like those available on YouTube. A web version and Android availability will be announced soon so stay tuned.

All in all, a great application with a great idea behind it and a perfect way to address several problems at once.

(Tuesday July 2nd, 2013 – 08:00 A.M PST) –Created by iKnowl, Inc. Artsly is an educational content discovery platform for arts & crafts based video lessons. Video has become a leading medium for delivery of educational content on web and mobile. But discovering quality educational content, specifically in arts & crafts, is not possible due to fragmentation of available learning resources.

With Artsly learners find it easy to discover short video lessons in different categories such as crafts, dance, makeup, music etc.

On Artsly learners can follow their favorite instructors and create a library of their favorite lessons. Based on learners’ interests and likes, Artsly starts recommending new lessons for user to learn.

Artsly enablesart instructors to earn advertising and subscription revenue on their video lessons. Artsly has received over 1400 beta signups from art instructors since its launch. Artsly is now exclusively available for iPad on App Store.

iKnowl, based in Pakistan, with a goal of creating engaging and community driven educational platforms, has raised seed funding from Kima Ventures.


M. Huzaifa (Co-founder/CEO)


PH# 92-345-9990281


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