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ArkMC – wireless media streamer and video player for iOS

ArkMC – wireless media streamer and video player for iOS

Software development company Arkuda Digital has introduced updated software application for iPads, iPods and iPhones that’ll help to manage all your personal or family  favourite videos, photos, music with the help of phone or tablet whenever it is stored in your local network. And you can easily stream media to TV screens, home theatre systems, games consoles etc.


ArkMC is regarded as the Swiss knife of mobile media, offering a complete media solution that will wirelessly locate, control and stream media files and photos on iPad, iPod or iPhone of a local or home network.

ArkMC offers YouTube integration that offers an array of features like searching, sharing, monitoring and adding channels to people’s device. An integration of this type ensures ArkMC becomes popular with the social media industry.


It’ll also allow them to watch their favorite channels easily and effortlessly. All they need to do is find the channel, choose the video and watch it via their living room big screen or whatever. ArkMC users can add and manage channels in their favorites list and watch the latest introduced videos.

The same video can be streamed on all compatible devices on the network or you stream multiple videos on several UPnP/DLNA devices.

  • Ability to manage all types of multimedia content amid digital devices using Wi-Fi or a remote network access in the media network
  • Finds and shows all DLNA-compliant devices of the network
  • Supports wireless browsing via libraries of the DLNA media servers and picking content that can then be streamed on the compatible DLNA renderers without any transcoding or copying
  • Permits streaming multimedia content to various technological devices such as PS3, PS4, Xbox360,  Xbox One, HD TVs and more simultaneously in different rooms
  • Gives yours ability to download media onto mobile devices, listening and watching them whenever they want
  • Can be used by XBMC, Samsung Link TV and iPTV
  • 100 percent one-of-a-kind integration with YouTube that provides users with the “sit back and enjoy” feeling
  • Ability to effortlessly create personal YouTube channel list
  • Finds device capabilities and changes home network into smart media atmosphere by way of a two-way remote function
  • Multi-playback feature allows for immediate sharing of played files any all DLNA-ready devices listed in the network with ability to regulate the playbacks simultaneously
  • Innovative technological wireless video player that includes Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound (AC3 Decoder) “Available to buy as an in-App”

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