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Anthropologie tape

Anthropologie tape at will help you to bring out the best in your packaging. Those who are running any type of business understand the best way to stand out from the rest is to give the customer a unique presentation. The simple tape that is used to secure a package, while functional, is boring.

The customer rips the tape off without a thought and tosses it in the trash. When you wrap your packages creatively, the package becomes part of the product. There is no reason to not use a necessity to help you brand your business. In addition to colored tape, you can add colored tissue paper as part of your packing. The boxes or paper wrap that you use can be color coordinated to match your business colors. You can also use foil stickers to close envelopes or on invoices.

You want the customer to remember you. Your packaging can help them to remember your name. Color name recognition has been proven to work. A red background with white letters works very well for Coke and a simple swoosh makes you think of Nike.

Those symbols do not need words to make you think of the product. The same can be done with your business. This is called branding, and it is meant to be part of your marketing plan. The Brown Bag is one of Bloomingdales’ branding strategies. It tells everyone in the mall that the one carrying the package had shopped at Bloomingdales. That is creative branding.

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