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An IT Consulting Dream Job

There was something I found intriguing about IT consulting which is why I decided to switch majors halfway through college in order to find out. At first my parents were less than impressed with what they thought was a whim, not a decision. In a way they were right, but I am so glad I did not listen to their reasoning when they tried to talk me out of my decision.

Within a month of withdrawing from the university I was taking classes at trade college that had a great IT program. It was ranked really well and cost a considerable amount less than the university which meant that I would not have to worry about taking out another student loan. Instead I would be able to pay for the program out of pocket. This was another reason I was a bit shocked that my parents were less than supportive about my new plan.

However their opinions seemed to change rather quickly once they saw how much I was enjoying what I was studying. Rather that begrudgingly go to study, I literally had to be pulled away from books, new articles, magazines and the internet. I was so immersed in the IT world that I it consumed larger amounts of my time. In the end it all paid off.

Now my parents could not be any happier with that impulse decision so many years ago. Almost immediately following graduation I landed an excellent position doing business IT consulting. A few years later I opened my IT consulting services business.

Since then I have helped others open up IT consulting companies throughout the world. Being able work as a consultant to IT consultants has been a great career. That is one time that I am glad I followed my hear t instead of my head. Although currently my head is what really helps me stay so on top of my game.

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