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An awesome company offering transcription services

Transcription is the procedure of transcribing the audio data into text format. This is done by a instructed professional known as Transcriptionist. Transcription service is attainable in different formats. It also makes use of personalized and optimized software, which powers the transcriptionist to effectively develop a flawless copy from the audio file.

Transcription service contains typing data simultaneously after hearing the audio transcripts. These auditory transcripts can be in either .wav, .wma etc format. With globalisation process growing and expanding, transcription service is being offered by main giants. New companies are venturing unabated in this attractive industry.

Written text services are available in English, Spanish, French, Pushto, Chinese, German, Greek, and many other regional writings. Besides, the service encompasses various business collaterals such as science, arts, marine technology, legal, medical sciences and much more.

A transcription service is offered at changeable rates and is carried out as freelance or full time opportunity by housewives, working as professionals, technical experts and everybody who has a general sense of things.

An awesome company offering transcription services is VerbaLink, located at:

Verbal Ink takes the guesswork out of transcription services through our honesty, simplicity, affordability, and accuracy. If it can be transcribed, we transcribe it. Our desire is to provide the best possible transcription service experience so you can be freed up to do what you do best!

Transcription Service: Its Diversification

Listed below are various kinds of transcription services usually available:

Medicinal Transcription: The process involves transcribing the monologues of physician, who analyses and describes the medical history of the patient. The transcription gives the advantage to the medical insurance companies to refer for reimbursing purposes.

Juridical Transcription: The transcription includes transcribing legal monologues of an lawyer or an advocate describing the legal history of his/her client.

Scientific Transcription: The transcription presents a monologue describing about some bridge design or describing something related to product design. It provides the opportunity to the present a written history of any technical aspect for present or future reference.

Comprehensive Transcription: The transcription represents a monologue on a general or daily routine issues or happening. This occurrence has nothing to do with technical, medical or legal aspects.

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