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Amped Church

Amped Church is a church app developed for iPhone and Android devices, allowing churches to promote their services through the mobile platforms. Any church can register and it will have access to a lot of features aimed to bring congregation members closer together, keep them informed on newly posted news items and get them engaged in church-related activities.

The application is great in its intuitive, simple and reliable interface. Users can benefit of the full extent of its capabilities right away, without having to go through too much hassle. Not only that, but churches can inform their members constantly, providing them with quickly accessible sermons, messages and important events through the built-in notification system.

Amped Church is an application designed to keep up with the times. The churches have always been considered as places where technology and research is avoided – but that’s far from the truth. The churches have been responsible for a number of advances on a number of fields. And the field of communication is one that’s crucially important today – and this application is doing exactly that: benefiting from the ease of communication in a world where mobile platforms are used on a daily basis for a number of reasons.

The people behind the application are a very dedicated group, aiming and constantly striving to make the application even better than it is. That means users will benefit from regular updates, new churches being added on a constant basis and new information being introduced by the community.

And speaking about community – each and every member of a certain church can benefit from whatever the community has to offer. If you’re a mother in desperate need of child care services, you can use the app to find a growth group, community group, or bible study that offers child care. If you need directions to a group or event, you can easily contact the leader and even get directions right from the app. This church app is jam packed with features to get your church plugged into the body.

Concerning content – you can get recorded sermons on your phone and listen to them while in your car, jogging or cooking. If you hear something important, you can also take down notes while listening so you never miss out on any kind of information which may be crucial in your spiritual development.

In conclusion, this application is great for those interested in keeping up with constant church-related updates, making even the technology they use seem as a gateway towards getting closer and closer to Jesus and God. Members, through Amped Church, will instantly become active members, fully dedicated to the work and mission of the church they belong to.

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