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All About Accounts Receivable Financing Programs

Accounts receivable financing industry has become a billion dollar industry. The advent of the accounts receivable financing firms into the small-scale industry has perhaps increased its popularity among the corporate world. These financing companies offer you the with many accounts receivable financing programs, you can easily choose one that is the most beneficial to your business practices. These programs provide and maintain the necessary momentum to the working capital requirements of the firm to augment the daily operational requirements.

These types of accounts receivable financing programs may turn out to be a boon to the small scale or emerging companies, as they are more vulnerable to cash flow challenges. Most businesses work on the credit facilities, that is you render a service or sell a product to your client and bill him. This bill is usually held up to a period of about one or two months or more, so this bill becomes the accounts receivable for the company. The financing company buys these accounts receivables.

Depending on the various programs offered by the financing companies, they provide funding or ready cash to the company for a fee. The programs may offer funds that range from 60% to even 95% of the total face value of the receivable. A nominal fee of 1% to 6% may be charged as processing fee. The remaining amount of the value of the accounts receivable that you have sold out to the factoring firm is paid up after your client has cleared the amount.

Through these financing programs you can transfer the collection responsibilities of your accounts receivables to the financing company and concentrate on the business growth and development activities. This also helps you to capitalize on the opportunities of enhancing the business with the timely financial resources. This method of financing is easier and quicker than securing a loan from the bank as it does not require any or fewer collaterals and the process is not too time consuming nor requiring cumbersome paperwork.

The financing companies finish the process and release the funds in about 24 to 48 hours. Using this form of financing program, does not create an issue in the balance sheet, as there is no loan so no debt issues, hence the financial position on your debt sheet is strengthened.

However before taking the plunge into the accounts receivable finance programs, it is important to keep a few things in mind like whether the finance program is offering recourse funding or non-recourse funding. While recourse funding attracts a lesser fee, the risk is higher as in case the receivables do not materialize or are not paid up then you owe the money back to the financing firm. However if you opt for non-recourse funding programs the fee is higher but the risk of collection is borne by the financing firm. The creditworthiness and repayment history of the customers as well as the age of the accounts receivable are also considered, by the accounts receivable financing firms while providing the necessary cash flow.

Hence accounts receivable financing is a good option for revenue generation. However, it is advisable to weigh all the pros and cons while choosing the right accounts receivable program for your working capital needs.

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