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Advertising: The poignant force of modern business

With change in time and gradual advancement of technology quite a number of mediums have come up which you can use for advertising purposes. The different mediums of advertising range from print advertising, television advertising, radio advertising to mobile advertising, internet advertising, outdoor advertising, and airport advertising.

Print advertising has a greater role to play in the evolving market that includes newspapers, magazines brochures and other printed materials that has a very broad mass base and as such, advertisements appearing on print can very easily reach and influence a large number of perspective consumers. Print advertising has been around for quite along time now and is dubbed as traditional form of advertisement now days. But still its popularity and effectiveness as a consumer motivating factor has not diminished.

Radio advertising is another influential advertising method with balancing measures in introduction of community based FM channels. Furthermore, both literate as well as illiterate consumers are influenced. The radio advertisements are vocal with local taste and flavor makes an extra appeal. Radio advertising does not require any special consideration like television advertising or internet advertising that needs UI, the radio jingles has long-term impact and caters loyal consumers.

Television advertising is probably the most popular way to promote anything and everything in today’s world Soccer, events like cricket world cups, political or spiritual speeches and Hollywood or Bollywood red carpet and award functions, breaking news has greater accessibility and large followers. As such, advertising appearing on TV reaches a large number of people that are attractive in nature and can directly relate to the customer’s senses to potential audiences.

Television advertising is a success. Study of local markets is very important in global brand awareness. Mobile advertising goes hand in hand with television advertising where SMS marketing with different offers and polls helps in market surveys. Banner ads, pay per clicks and adsence programs by Google and Yahoo have boosted the internet advertising globally.

With the on growing popularity of the World Wide Web, the Internet advertising is moving at a rapid pace that is the reason why more entrepreneurs’ venture capitalists are focusing on their presence and advertisements. With the advent of technology and on the move internet facility, almost every one has access to a broadband and 3G connection. Keeping this in mind, internet advertising with mobile advertising has now become a hot cake and the best means for advertisers to make the best profit which is diminishing the gap between rural and urban consumers.

Strategic outdoor advertising and monitoring sales helps a great deal. Quite a number of brands and companies have stepped in outdoor advertising as well as airport advertising.

Better market study and surveys have brought outdoor advertising and airport advertising to target competitor’s customers.

Diverse market platforms are making the competition more interesting and intense. It’s after all the art of selling.

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