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A Primer On Four Major Types Of Cambridge Accommodations

Cambridge is the perfect example of a European student city. The majority of the people travelling to Cambridge or living in the city are involved, either directly or indirectly, with the University of Cambridge. In fact, the University of Cambridge with its rich history and heritage dominates the culture of the city. Furthermore, the beauty of Cambridge is also special with a slew of college gardens and glorious water meadows on offer.

Irrespective of whether you are travelling to Cambridge to enjoy its beauty and history or for educational purposes, it is likely that you are looking for reliable Cambridge accommodation options. Like most university cities on the continent, there are many different accommodation options in Cambridge. Here are the four major types of Cambridge accommodation options that you will find in the city.

Classy & Unique Hotels in Cambridge

With regard to high end Cambridge accommodation, the foremost hotel in this city is the De Vere University Hotel. This traditional hotel embodies the historical significance and intellectual nature of the city as it is nestled in an old fashioned Victorian mansion and traces its roots to 1834. Another example of the traditional grace of Cambridge is Hotel Felix, which is housed in another Victorian mansion from 1852.

Even if you are looking for boutique or business hotels, you would find many Cambridge accommodation options available to you such as the Crowne Plaza Cambridge, Hotel Du Vin Cambridge and Holiday Inn Express Cambridge amongst others.

Guesthouses And Bed And Breakfast Options In Cambridge

Like every city in the United Kingdom that is dominated by its large population of students, Cambridge accommodation options contain a number of guest houses and bed and breakfast outlets. While the latter category of Cambridge accommodation is informally spread all over the city, the former category is championed by two major names i.e. Parkview Guesthouse and Acacia Guesthouse.

If you are an individual, who prefers low key and languid atmosphere in his Cambridge accommodation, then you should consider bed and breakfast outlets and guest houses.

A Number Of Cambridge Accommodations For Young Travellers

It is highly unlikely that there is any university city in the country that does not have hostels and other similar options because the life blood of such cities is its students. Cambridge is no different. If you are a young traveller who is only visiting Cambridge while backpacking through the area or just lack enough financial clout, then you can stay in countless hostels established particularly for the younger generation visiting the city.

Apartments & Paying Guest Cambridge Accommodation Options

As Cambridge is a university city, it is only obvious that it would boast of a number of apartments on rent and paying guest type accommodation options. If you are in the city for the long term and prefer to hire rooms or apartments, then you would find many room and apartments on long term and short term contracts.

Cambridge is a very welcoming city, regardless of your age or reason for visiting it. The city is used to having visitors and, hence, does not only know how to be professional with them but also treat them well.

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