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A Gift For My Goddaughter’s 17th Birthday

My goddaughter Vicky is celebrating her 17th birthday. I had been wondering what gift to give her for several weeks now. I called my mom and then her mom, my best friend, to ask what she has been up to these days. I decided to buy her a pair of great looking high top sneakers when I learned that she is into sports. Vicky is much like her mom. At an early age, Venice has been into sports. She was into swimming, volleyball and badminton. Now, Vicky is into the very same sports. Venice and Dan have very high hopes for their daughter. With some luck, she will become a sports scholar when she goes to college just like her mom did 25 years ago. But for now, she will just be concentrating on her training. And as a godmother, I am happy to support her in all her endeavors. I want to be there for her every step of the way. I am sure that’s what godmothers are for! I’m also sure that she will love the gift as this pair of high top sneakers looks so cool, fit for a 17 year old. The man at the store said that these are also great for jogging.

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